Striking Noise

The striking nursing home workers at Westport Health Care Center want to be heard.

Their neighbors on Burr Road wish they wouldn’t take things so literally.

Westport Health Care Center picketers. Sorry, no audio.

A resident wrote “06880”:

It’s one thing to picket. But from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. for the past 10 days — with boom boxes, whistles and constant chanting — it’s getting a bit much for the neighbors. Not to mention the elderly residents in the home.

Why aren’t they picketing at the home of the CEO?

We have sympathy for what the workers are going through regarding their contracts, etc. But it is wearing very thin.

Adding to the cacophony: motorists who honk in support of the strikers — causing them to raise the decibel level even higher.

“Police have been called several times,” the writer says. “But there is no noise ordinance for picketing — only construction.”

A neighbor’s call to the first selectman 4 days ago, the writer says, has not been returned.

24 responses to “Striking Noise

  1. Long-time Westporter

    Has anyone spoken directly to the strikers to ask them nicely to lower the noise level? Appealing to their concern for the neighbors and the elderly of the facility might work . And maybe they haven’t thought of picketing the owner’s home.


      They have been polietly asked to lower their noise level (several times) as well as suggesting to picket the union CEO’s home…while at the same time some were still chanting and blowing that %&*$# whistle in our face. In addition, the police have been asked to approach the noise problem numerous times and were given the same treatment. Regarding “caring for the elderly” which is their profession (or their concern for the neighbors) they could care less.

    • They can be replaced

      These are your 99%, OWS knuckleheads!
      I say, bring in Scott Walker to renegotiate their contracts, that’ll shut ’em up!

  2. Keep the Change

    SHAME ON THESE FOLKS They , shipped in union demonstrators, may have a cause but the innocents are the wrong persons t target. Inside the home the elderly and dying, outside the home residents already threatened by new building threats and traffic intrusion into their historic neighborhoods and now this noise in the morning. They were blaring horns and drums at sunrise this weekend, Just wrong.
    I suppose if the town interceded there would be a cry unfair to the people, I say the “people” encompass all stakeholders and there should be some respect among all.

  3. At first thought it was summer band practice it was so loud but then realized it was the picketers.
    I am all for their rights to strike but their constant noise is really getting ridiculous and i surely not getting me warm and fuzzy to their cause.
    I can’t believe that in this town there is no law against this noise pollution!
    As if the weather has not already frayed everyones nerves, i am afraid that one day soon their will be violence towards these noise polluters and of coarse that poor soul will be put in jail not them!

    • “i am afraid that one day soon their will be violence towards these noise polluters and of coarse that poor soul will be put in jail not them!”

      Did you read that before you posted it? If someone commits an act of violence against another person for exercising their free speech rights that person belongs in jail. To suggest that person would be a “poor soul” is twisted/dangerous logic.


        Relax, Shocked! Eric Wical was exercising his “free speech rights.” The neighbors invite you to witness and hear what is going on in our neighborhood…you can’t think straight with the CONSTANT noise!!! After 10+ days (from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm) of this BS, its a wonder no one hasn’t snapped! And for the Town officials to treat the noise polluting picketers with “it’s their constitutional right,” don’t we all have constitutional rights to live in peace in our own town-taxed homes???

        • “don’t we all have constitutional rights to live in peace in our own town-taxed homes???”

          Are you serious?

          A “CONSTITUTIONAL” right to peacve and quiet…………..LOL.

          I swear some people are so dense.

          • “peace”

          • Wow, and some people are so rude. Whether, its a correct statement or not, why should they be allowed to do what they are doing with NO consideration to anyone else? If my son plays his music too loud on our own property, he’d be told to turn it down by the WPD or will be charged with disturbing the peace. But these selfish people can carry on for almost 18 hours out of the day without any consequences. Enjoy your peaceful day, Wrecker, unlike those that live by the health care center.

          • The “right to peace and quiet” follows the “right to cupcakes in schools.”

  4. I think the sooner we hear their real message the sooner this will be over. Let’s post who the CEO is here! Does anyone care about the workers? Did I hear “Occupy Westport Healthcare? Surf’s UP!

  5. It’s amazing that in this town which regulates everything and anything there are no guidelines for picketing. Perhaps permits from P and Z (to ensure the marchers are aware of the newly created parameters) , the health dept (to ensure rules are met to ensure the safety of the picketeers), and the conservation dept (to ensure that no trash finds it’s way into a public waterway) should be mandated. That’s the way everything else proceeds.

  6. Karen Ahlen

    A few people seem to be on to something here. Why not go directly to the CEO of the company? Are these people being shipped in as protestors? Why not ask them where they live and work? I agree, poor people living in the nursing home. Why should they have to endure the noise. Complaints are in order, but they should be directed to people in power to make a difference, i.e. the owners. So far, this is a joke! All involved should get to the bottom of the problem without affecting innocent neighbors or people paying for a service. Alice Green

  7. Times have changed since the last time this union picketed this same nursing home. That time there were direct confrontations between the WPD and the Union.(WPD won). It was necessary to mobilize the entire department, provide round-the-clock coverage guarding the Nursing Home and when the picketers started stoning the cops, arrests were made and a few union members had to be treated at Norwalk Hospital. These people will do anything to get attention and have a radical history dating way back that includes vandalism and criminal acts.

    • Running mom

      Let’s not forget that this nursing home also has a long history of neglectful care of the residents and is on the national nursing home watch list. I would rather see the home closed. Not sure if the town can do anything to get rid of it. I feel bad for these workers who are poorly staffed and poorly paid. My heart also goes out to the residents inside. It is disgraceful to see such poor care of older adults in our town.

      • Please read up on things before you throw the first stone.
        Thats why we are fighting for our residents as well! We have been to the CEO home. Let me tell you this Dan Straus the owner, he lives in New Jersey,he wants to stop paying our health benefits and everything else that his father promised his workers and let the State of Connecticut to pickup the tab! The State of Connecticut have enough on its plate already! Thank you very much!
        Dan Straus makes over 400 million and taking all of his profits out of the State of Connecticut! When you get ready to come down and rally with us, we will be there. We haves shut down the hours to 9 pm!
        I know my residents like the back of my hand and love them like my family, most of them come outside and cheer us on!
        Now for the owner, he has never met any of the the residents!
        All he knows is PROFIT!
        I will agree with you if any worker is mistreating any resident they need to be thrown under the bars!
        NO One should have to be mistreated any where period!
        I LOVE MY JOB!
        They are part of history! They have been there and done that and can tell you all that went on back in the day!
        They love telling me …And I love hearing it!
        One day we all will be here and when I get here I want some one like myself to take good care of me!
        How about you all?
        I have taken care of so many elderly people, those are the ones that took care of me, then it was my turn to take care of them.
        I took care of my grandmother until she was a 103!
        Miss her dearly.
        Bless you all and keep the faith!

  8. Joan Killingsworth

    Send (or take) the Stonehedge to the CEO along with the noise, and keep fighting for the residents! Joan

  9. In speaking to some of the demonstrators, I found out that they are NOT shipped in, but the actual healthcare workers that are striking. WHO IS shipped in are the REPLACEMENT healthcare workers, from all over the country!!! I was told that the name of the CEO is DANIEL STRAUSS, who lives in New Jersey and Texas.
    Though this is a distrurbing scene to one’s social conscience, the strikers are basically orderly, chanting to keep up their vigil. Their cause is Health Care coverage for themselves. Ironic, no? Getting minimum wages with all the usual deductions, truly these people ARE STILL THE SLAVES OF AMERICA.

    • Any sympathy is long gone

      “the strikers are basically orderly” are you serious, Jeanette???? Do you live in the vicinity???? Are you woken up at 6:30 a.m. and kept awake until 11:30 p.m. with LOUD bantering chatter along with whistles, tambourines and blaring car horns every day for the past 2 weeks??? They now blare their own horns (sometimes 3 at a time) as well as encourage motorists to chime in. They are rude, in your face with no class and even less respect for the WPD and area residents. They give a new meaning to “health care provider,” (and not in a good way) as they could care less about the elderly in the facility who need rest and peace and quiet.

      • Get your noise and unhappiness up to NJ and bother the owner, Daniel. I am sure he is far enough away from the street to not be bothered, but the effort might make the workers feel better

    We do not want to be rude to none of the neighbors or to anyone for that matter. I will talk with the union, however, it will be on in the am! We do want to Thank all the people for their support!
    And to keep you up todate we have won every case thus far, and still many more cases to go!