Achorn’s Away

After 85 years, Achorn’s Pharmacy is no longer on Main Street.

The family-owned drug and cosmetics store opened this week in Playhouse Square.

“Everyone likes it here,” says Karen Levinstim — a longtime employee, and daughter of a former owner.

“People say it’s clean, fresh and new,” she adds. “They like having the post office and Organic Market nearby.”

Karen Levinstim (left) and cosmetician Jayne Harvey in their new digs.

Most customers say the parking is better than on Main Street — though the long red light at the exit bothers some.

Only a few folks were surprised by the move. “We had a few months to prepare,” Karen notes. “I guess a few laggards didn’t get the message.”

The new space is smaller than the old, but it’s utilized very efficiently.

A side benefit: Starting in July, the new phone system will allow people to punch in prescription orders.

One other thing: On Main Street, the name was “Achorn’s” Pharmacy. Now it’s “Achorn” — no apostrophe.

Sounds like a modern, tighter version of the name.

Or maybe a sign maker’s error.

The new store — and sign.

4 responses to “Achorn’s Away

  1. So glad that the Achorn didn’t all far from the tree, and that they stayed in town. I treasure the few stores that are still here from my Westport childhood. Loving your blog – thanks, Dan!

  2. As someone who fought with my mail order pharmacy yesterday which also left the Achorn pharmacist on the line for 20 minutes, I am so glad that Achorn stayed in town. If only my company would allow me to purchase my medications at a reasonable price at a retail pharmacy than at bulk prices through mail order. The customer service at Achorn has always been top-notch. I’m having some problems finding a parking space at Playhouse Square. I just need to find some off hours.

  3. Family-owned, yes, but more importantly, they treat you like family.

  4. does anyone remember Mr. Renzulli, the pharmacist there? He was an icon for that drugstore.
    Bev Breault