An Only-In-Westport Tag Sale

When you or I have a tag sale, we put out tons of crap stuff — the accumulated furniture, games and sports equipment of our lives — and hope it sells.

When David Pogue has a tag sale — well, the stuff is a lot more interesting.

The New York Times/Scientific American/PBS “Nova”/CBS-TV/ multimillion-copy book author held a tag sale today in his Westport home. It looked like anyone else’s — overflowing garage, cut-rate prices, free lemonade — but walking between the tables was taking a trip down technology’s Memory Lane.

David Pogue, and a small part of his stuff.

There were old-school answering machines. Installation disks for operating systems long obsolete. Half a dozen Palm Pilots David literally could not give away — they were free — until a group of teenagers snagged them, probably to take them apart for fun.

There were power strips, cables, and a karaoke machine.

And books. Stacks of books. Books on hardware and software that are the technological equivalent of a Ford Pinto.

Everything in the garage was owned by David. He does not keep any gadgets he reviews; it all gets shipped back to the manufacturer.

I got to the tag sale late. Most of the good stuff was long gone.

Someone probably snapped up a Kaypro that was my 1st computer.

But in mid-afternoon, there was still a garbage bag full of floppy disks. They were yours for the taking. No questions asked.

9 responses to “An Only-In-Westport Tag Sale

  1. I wish I had known about this, I love old tech! Knowing me, though, I probably would’ve bought way too much stuff to fit into my car….

  2. Linda Smith

    Wish I’d known too. But then looking for the Pogues on Memory Lane might have been difficult. πŸ™‚

  3. Barbara Sherburne

    I could have used those floppy disks for my court reporting business. It is getting harder and harder to find them anywhere.

  4. David Pogue

    Man, what a wonderful writeup! Almost makes me think the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it!

    And a note to Barbara and your other commenters: There’s plenty of stuff leftover, including: an above-ground pool, 30 flood-style indoor bulbs, 15 educational kids’ CD-ROMs, 20 unopened software programs from the late 90’s, 100 CD-ROMs (science, games, clip art, sound effects), a huge window with dental molding (left over from the construction of the house), a sliding glass patio door (ditto), a gorgeous wooden crib, an infinity of my own Missing Manuals for outdated software versions (Windows XP, iMovie 09, etc)–and, yes, about 400 floppy disks.

    I’m if you want to arrange pickup! πŸ™‚

  5. Why a tag sale? Hope Mr. Pogue isn’t leaving Westport!

  6. Great Pogue’s tag sale killed mine! Thx David!

  7. David Loffredo

    Hopefully there were cameras there and I’ll see this on an a future edition of CBS Sunday Morning.

  8. Peter Flatow

    Bill Moyers wrote a book years ago called Listen to America. He had a line in the book which I will paraphrase, brings us your junk, we sell antiques! History continues to repeat its self.