Checking Out The New Terrain

It’s not your father’s Cadillac dealership.

Or the one that hunkered down on the Post Road for over 40 years.

Curran Cadillac‘s long awaited and  finally frenzied makeover into Terrain culminated in a preview party Thursday night.

Yesterday, the public surged in.

There’s lots to see in the new Terrain.

I couldn’t make the party. But a friend who was there called it “Brooklyn/boho chic.” She described the indoor/outdoor organic restaurant’s menu as “understandable.”

Another alert “06880” reader sent this report:

The store smells like a cross between a garden center, Parfumerie Douglas and an aromatherapy apothecary. It’s sensory overload.

There’s a spa/skin/bath/beauty area in the back left. Housewares, linens, tablecloths, napkins and other decorating knickknacks are sprinkled throughout.

The garden center is pretty cool, with very stylish outdoor furniture and things you would see Mar Jennings (who was there) using on a photo shoot.

The coffee bar/restaurant is very pleasant, and priced equal to Starbucks.

The restaurant looks sleek but inviting.

I stopped by yesterday. My first impression was that the parking lot was striped for Mini Coopers, while people buying things like furniture and planters drive large vehicles and trucks.

But if the parking spots are small, Terrain’s interior is enormous. It’s like what  airplane terminals would look like, if they were designed by people with a gift for aesthetics and an interest in comfort.

Because I am gardening-impaired — why do you think I live in a condo? — and have all the tableware and bath accessories I need, I did not walk out with truckfuls of stuff. That made me a minority of one.

There sure is a lot of “stuff” in the new Terrain.

Everyone else piled their vehicles full of new, boho, organic-smelling goods, then maneuvered out of their teeny-tiny parking spaces and back onto the Post Road, Crescent Road and, for all I know, the fire station parking lot.

Terrain is handsome. It’s green (in color and sensibility). It’s provided instant life to a stretch of the Post Road that for years seemed pretty grotty.

It may also prove the death knell to a couple of popular places that many Westporters love: A&J’s Farm Market and Izzo’s Country Gardens.

Terrain is owned by Urban Outfitters, which recently opened a Westport store on the Post Road (with an entrance on Church Lane). The company also owns Anthropologie, giving it 3 Westport locations on US 1.

They clearly believe in this town. And — judging by the bucks they’ve poured into both Terrain and Urban Outfitters — they clearly the believe consumers are buying again. At least, buying the certain style of clothes, furnishings, garden equipment, jewelry, beauty products and everything else they’re selling.

It’s hard to believe many other new businesses would create this type of buzz.

Certainly not a Cadillac dealer.

The parking lot will not remain empty for long.

2 responses to “Checking Out The New Terrain

  1. Cliff Montagna

    While we welcome Terrain to town and celebrate the wonderful renovation of this property, as a resident of Crescent Road, we are very concerned about the level of activity. We have been awakened at 4:00 am with truck deliveries, workers are thowing trash on our front yards, customers and employees are double parking up and down our narrow hilly street blocking our school buses and customers are even parking in our driveways and to get into our homes, we have to call a tow truck. The Planning and ZOning Commission did not do it’s due diligence for the residents of this quiet residential neighborhood when reviewing this site plan application. We are left wondering what to do to fix our neighborhood?