Be Strong Justin!

A major goal of the Westport school system is for students to use technology to solve problems.

At the same time, the schools want students to be compassionate, and care for others.

If the past 24 hours are any indication, hundreds of students are doing all that — and more.

When Staples freshman Justin Slosberg was diagnosed with early-stage leukemia, friends, acquaintances — and others who just knew of him — swung into action.

A Facebook group called “Be Strong Justin!” quickly grew to over 1,300 members. Many posted messages of encouragement. Some added funny notes.

Justin responded:

I’ve never felt more loved in my entire life. I am absolutely speechless. There are indisputably NO words for how beautiful the fact that Facebook can bring everyone together is.

More words poured in. Justin soon added:

At this rate, I feel invincible. This support is unreal. I’m going to laugh in this cancer’s face until it leaves my body, and I’ll laugh some more when it’s finally out. Know that, and stand behind that motto. Stay happy.  Better yet, be happy with me. There shall be no sadness here in this group.

Meanwhile, a group of friends posted a 15-foot-long sheet of white paper near the Staples cafeteria, and several smaller ones. Within an hour it was filled with notes. Some were funny; some poignant. All were important.

On Monday, students at Staples, and Bedford and Coleytown Middle Schools, will wear purple to show support, and to keep Justin in everyone’s thoughts.

One of Justin Slosberg’s banners at Staples.

2 responses to “Be Strong Justin!

  1. Purple Monday!! Feel Better Justin!

  2. That-s Westport, the best of us! Wishing Justin a speedy recovery.