Waxing Enthusiastic

Alert “06880” reader Terry Brannigan has a modest collection of vintage cars. He loves turning wrenches. And though he doesn’t mind waxing — well, they don’t call it Westport Wash & Wax for nothing.

Yet the other day, when Terry went to pick up a car, an attendant pointed out some minor damage. “It was truly an accident,” Terry notes. “No one’s fault.”

But it’s an old car — not easy to repair — and when Terry walked inside to talk with the owner, he prepared himself for a tough time. After all, no businessman wants to admit an employee screwed up. Right?


A typical scene at Westport Wash & Wax.

“He could not have been more sincere or accommodating,” Terry said. “He was not only willing to make things right — he insisted I take it to some place I trusted. He said if I wanted, he’d handle any bills directly with the repair shop.”

Terry headed to Bridgeport’s Dragone Classic Motorcars. They matched the unique paint color perfectly.

Not only did Westport Wash & Wax reimburse Terry immediately — they added coupons for a couple of free washes.

We hear so much about poor customer service. And why not? It’s easy to find fault.

How refreshing — and inspiring — to find a local business that gets it right.

Let’s hope this story drives a few customers their way.

15 responses to “Waxing Enthusiastic

  1. careful. last two times i went there they talked me into paying extra for some shine they put on your tires yet they failed to do it. since it was only a dollar or so extra couldn’t be bothered to make a fuss about it but make sure you get what you pay for there. my fault for being talked into a second time.

  2. Careful? Are you serious? I’m pretty certain they did not try and swindle you out of a dollar for a tire shine. How about a gentle reminder to the guys drying your car. Next time you are getting taken for a dollar have a look at the wall inside the car wash. It’s filled with thank you notes for all the owners do for the community and multiple charities. Unreal.

  3. The Tiefienthaler’s who own Westport Wash and Wax are nothing short of a class act that run a first class operation… If your tireshine was not applied…accidentally….twice…and you chose to drive off instead of pointing that out…well…need I say more. Accidents happen and they are totally stand up people who are focused on providing a quality service…as well as doing a lot of great things for the community.

  4. Craig and Scott run a great place !!

  5. Johnraho13@yahoo.com

    I’m a fan! Craig and the whole crew are very good.
    Their car hand detailing is a deal for what you get.

  6. I couldn’t agree more on Westport Wash & Wax!

  7. Good businessmen. Good service. Don’t forget generous. For the past ten years the Tiefenthalers have supported MANY local causes including our Good Neighbor Day – a full day’s car wash proceeds donated directly to Homes with Hope. They are the best!!

  8. Had a different experience last week. Son took car for wash and on the way home realized a water streak was in fact a crack in the windshield. Took the car back and they said no way they did it. It never has happened to us here We argued back and forth for 20 minutes and the boss finally said, ” your car insurance probably has glass coverage; they should be able to take care of it”. He begrudgingly agreed to pick up any deductible, (with barter). Car insurance said glass cracks all the time at car washes. Glass company said they see it all the time. Hot weather and cold water make for cracked windshields. Guess we caught them on a bad day.

    • at least they could have offered you a free tire shine – which they could have conveniently forgotten to do.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      You cant blame the Car Wash for your windshield…. you even state the possible cause being atmospheric…. not them doing anything to your car.

    • You should know not to believe insurance companies. It would have to be Very HOT weather to have glass crack. Hasn’t been really hot this spring at all !!

  9. But there’s nothing in a car wash that could crack the glass from negligence. It probably was what the insurance company said: that glass can crack at car washes. And with our insurance, there isn’t a deductible on windshield replacement. Sorry it happened.