We’re #1 (And 32)!

As Washington and Hartford squabble over the many ways to measure education, there’s no debate about one area in which Staples is Number One.

The high school has set a world record — authenticated by Guinness — with 16 sets of twins in one class. Those sophomores shatter the previous record of 13.

Luke Foreman –a 10th grade twin himself — tracked down every set. He organized the exhaustive documentation required.

Most impressively, he got all 32 twins to school this morning — at 7 a.m. — for a group photo. Channel 12 was there too.

Congratulations, guys and girls.

Even more importantly, congrats to your moms and dads. Without them, this world record would have been impossible.

18 responses to “We’re #1 (And 32)!

  1. Congrats to Staples, but I am surprised that the record is this low. The twin rate in the 90s was close to 3%, so some of these monster high schools with 1000 students per class should have 30+ sets. Hopefully they aren’t as motivated to call Guinness.

  2. Wow, something in the water?

  3. Awesome, very cool record and happy kids

  4. how many triplets, quadruplets and so on?

  5. As a mom of two of these kids, dropping off my kids this morning brought back such strong memories of how emotionally difficult infertility is for couples, and how fortunate I was to have the means and the medical technology to help me bring them into the world.

  6. Babette d'Yveine

    Do you have any data about how many are identical and how many are fraternal? Just curious.

  7. For clarity, the Guinness Record is for most number of twins in a grade not the entire school. There are many more than 16 sets of twins in our school, but no other school has submitted a number higher than 13 in a grade. These 16 students are all in the tenth grade.

  8. The previous record was held by Pomperaug High School. There has to be something in the water in CT!

    • In vitro fertilization is included in any decent group health insurance plan (shhh, don’t tell the pope) – and lotsa folks have good group medical insurance around here.

  9. Mom of Twins

    Well, my twins (who are in the picture) were born in MA so CT water can’t be “blamed” for them!

  10. um who cares?

  11. I do

  12. Simple. The power of modern medicine in an affluent town.

  13. Reality check…not all these children are originally from an affluent town, and not all these children were a result of infertility treatments. Twins DO occur naturally, you know. So it really wasn’t as “simple” as “the power of modern medicine in an affluent town.”
    I think it is commendable that Luke thought of a unique way to celebrate twins!

  14. http://www.darienps.org/neirad/1201toomanytwins.php
    Isn’t this the same number that Darien submitted last year?

    • It may be, but if so, Darien did nothing to pursue the record. A lot of effort is necessary in order to receive all of the twins paperwork, along with letters from the administration, independent witnesses, etc.

  15. this just proves how pathetic westport is for attention…can’t get it any other way.

    • Geez, this was one 15 year old kid, who did a little research, got a bunch of birth certificates, involved the administration to verify, called the news organization to certify, and made a lot of new friends in the process. This is a feel-good story, not a bash Westport twins story. These kids know it’s not a big deal to get rewarded for a fluke of nature. Duh…It’s just for fun. And btw twins do occur naturally, and 16 years ago ivf was not covered on a regular basis on insurance plans, that is a much more recent occurrence. Now I sound like my mother. “if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all”