Lots O’ Puddles

After the biggest snowfall in recent memory — half an inch last night — this is what the library parking lot looked like today:

That’s what we get for building on the site of the old town dump.

8 responses to “Lots O’ Puddles

  1. Keep the Change

    Actually a spark of intellegence in the town government As there are plans to re build the Levitt the decision was made to not repave the library lot until construction is done What a concept ? Too bad no one was thinking about that in Parker Harding that was just repaved when there is a push to regreen the riveside area which would tear up the new paved area in the near future… What a concept

  2. Repaving Madness?!
    How about Hillandale? Between West Parish & Hillspoint. First repaved with “rumble jumble.” That produced such an uproar, we repaved it. Now we ripped it up again, and will soon repave it one more time. This has got to be the most expensive stretch of road In Town. I believe Dan covered this in an earlier blog.

  3. The Dude Abides

    Does landfill equate to a sponge effect on resistance to water??? I would almost think the opposite?? That area was also a baseball diamond (Rogers Field) following its completion as a dump-landfill in the early 1960’s. If you dug-in hard at homeplate, a beer car would pop up.

    • Richard Lawrence Stein

      Dude are you sure about Rogers field…. I always thought it was elsewhere in town not where the library is now…

      • I remember a Little League field there (current library site) when I was VERY young — like 5 or 6.

        • The Dude Abides

          I played Babe Ruth games (larger diamond than LL) at the field where Levitt Pavillion is now in ’60-’63. I thought it was Rogers? And unless I am really stoned (????), there were lights there as well.

  4. The gal is wise

    The Dude is correct. This is nothing but a grading issue. My home, which resides on landfill, has exponentially better draining than the rest of the street that is not, My drainage is much better.