Checking Out New Terrain

With the Curran Cadillac building entering its final stages of demolition, Westporters turn their attention to what will replace that prime piece of real estate opposite 5 Guys.

Ta-da — Terrain!

The Philadelphia-based store features landscape design, home and garden décor, eco-friendly growing supplies, furniture, gifts, jewelry, personal care items, and locally sourced food.

Their website offers this preview of the new building:

The site adds:

Transforming a once industrial site into a celebration of nature, we couldn’t be more thrilled to put down roots in our new home. Gifted with extraordinary creativity and a passion for the garden, the people who make up terrain truly love what they do.

If you’re not overwhelmed by that prose, you might be impressed by the next item on the site: “Current Job Opportunities.”

Terrain is looking for 9 managers, in these categories: store, nursery, operations, assistant décor, assistant nursery, visual, assistant visual, assistant display and café. They’re also searching for an executive chef.

Not to mention all the worker bees they’ll need.

Their new motto could be: “Terrain: Growing plants, food, and jobs in Westport.”

(To apply for work, click here or email

7 responses to “Checking Out New Terrain

  1. Could not be happier to see that eyesore demolished!
    And, with Smith and Hawken gone, this is a very welcomed addition to our wonderful town.
    For those of us who love to dabble in our gardens, this is just what the doctor ordered (pun intended!).
    I wish Terrain much success and longevity here!

  2. You’re certainly correct that the two auto dealerships on Post Rd East used to vie for the title of “biggest architectural eyesore” of Westport. But because Toyota is doing a better business than Cadillac these days, it’s unlikely that anyone will do us a favor and tear down Curran’s competitor in ugliness: the Crabtree edifice of New Country Toyota/Scion.

    • Well, there is always the high school, which looks like a bad rendering of a Home Depot. So bad taste will survive even if the second car dealership goes under; at least the taxpayers did not pay for the Crabtree building.

      • As I recall, the rebuilding of both structures – Staples and Toyota – was “approved” within a year of each other by the so-called Architectural Review Board (ARB). So, at least, we know who to blame for the bad taste in both public and private buildings.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        What’s your problem with Staples… It’s a great building…. It looks absolutely nothing like HD…. You just want to complain about taxes and tax dollars… At least be honest with your displeasure….

      • And you just want to defend what cannot be defended; Staples is a hideous building. The emperor has no clothes.

  3. Gwen Dwyer Lechnar

    I’m sorry, I’m not actually commenting on this article, it’s just the last space available to me in which to reach you to let you know that this is the 2nd week I’ve got to the “This message has been truncated” advisory, and where there used to be an option to restore the full message, that seems to have disappeared. Maybe you could let your Webmaster know!