Sunday By The River

The jury is out.

Not on the art — the judges’ decisions come later — but on the 38th annual Westport Arts Festival itself.

It’s been held on the river edge of Parker Harding Plaza and adjacent Gorham Island for a couple of years now.  Before that, it was held in the middle of Main Street.

Some artists like the new location.  A cooling breeze blows off the river, and the setting is much more scenic than before.

Other artists — not so much.  They say there’s less foot traffic, less energy, and lower sales.

Of course, you can also blame the economy.

Or the gorgeous weather that sends folks scurrying to the beach, not the business district.

Judge for yourself.  Both the site, and the art displayed there.

A photographer -- and potential customer -- takes a shot of some intriguing art.

Intriguing sculptures line Gorham Island.

This is not a sculpture. It’s a living statue. I’m sure this guy was much happier standing by the river — not the middle of Main Street — for hours on end.

A youngster finds artwork less interesting than a large tree, stuck in the middle of the Saugatuck River.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Post Road, the ever-smiling Mimi Greenlee oversees the controlled chaos that is the Westport Public Library's summer book sale.

3 responses to “Sunday By The River

  1. The Dude Abides

    Mimi Greenlee is the best of the best of the best in Westport. Not surprised to see her working.

  2. I like the new location better as there is much more space to move around and not get crowded by the masses.

  3. Maggie Mudd

    A special Westport award should be concocted to honor the herculean effort that Mimi and her gang of volunteers put in to make the WPL summer book sale such a success. It is a model of efficiency and a perfect pleasure to attend. Oh, the treasures I have found!