Westport 1, Everyone Else 0

Westporters like to compete in everything:  SAT scores.  Coolest cars.  Most residential square footage.

We’re now Number 1 in a contest that matters more than most.  We lead a competition among 14 Connecticut communities to achieve residential energy efficiencies

We’ve had the most  home energy solution visits — 160 — since the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge began in March.  (Feedback on those visits is near 100%.)

The town with the 2nd highest number of visits is waaaaay behind — only 75.  Eat our emissions, Ridgefield!

We’ve also had the most home energy improvements completed, after those visits.  That number — 7 — is pretty low.  Still, it beats all the other towns — combined.

Westport project leader Alan Abramson credits the town — including civic leaders, non-profit groups and, ahem, “06880” — with publicizing the home energy visits, and inspiring action.

“As you can tell, we’ve been quite busy,” Abramson says.

“Our success has been primarily a function of a good initial game plan.  Now we have to get better at execution of the community leader/community group/non-profit partnership model.  And to figure out how to get more people to do the recommended upgrades.”

If you’re reading this with the a/c blasting, think about your bill.  Then sign up for a home energy audit.

Just like 160 of your neighbors — with lower bills — have already done.

(To schedule a visit click here, or  call 203-292-8088.  Homeowners who are income-eligible are entitled to a free visit — contact Westport’s Human Services Department at 203-341-1050.)

3 responses to “Westport 1, Everyone Else 0

  1. Adam Stolpen

    I had an energy analysis conducted last week by the CT Energy Efficiency Fund, administered by Val Siretsanou, the Home Energy Specialist from New England Smart Energy, the group which is conducting the survey in Westport (203-292-8088). I could not be more delighted with the results.

    They were courteous, professional and efficient. They were at my house for about 4 hours and found numerous ways to improve my place…and thought I was already energy efficient. the team closed cracks, weather stripped internal doors and replace bulbs. It was clear they knew what they were all about and when they first put on the exhaust fan to draw the air out of my house to test it for efficiency leaks you could have flown a kite in the breeze. By the time they were finished that had diminished significantly.

    Could not recommend signing up for the test any more strongly. And since it is mostly state underwritten the test, and written report and analysis, which normally costs hundreds of dollars, was just $75.

  2. I had an energy audit done last year. I live in a condo in Norwalk that is ALL electric. The people were creative, courteous and efficient. I had almost all my bulbs changed to more efficient ones. They filled all places in walls and door sills where cold air was infiltrating. Because of the time I spent with the man in charge, I contacted a dealer they recommended and installed a large heat pump on the roof. Because of all of those changes, my electric bill is now about $200 per month for everything (heating, cooling, cooking, hot water, appliances). If I were not moving to another town, I would buy all new appliances that were much more energy efficient. I’m sure I could bring my electric bill down to about $150 per month. I have to say that I am astounded at the savings I have received from a modest investment of funds.

  3. I had the Home Energy Audit done on my home too. Four hours later and with some hard working technicians, my home is more airtight and has all new CFL bulbs (including dimmables). I didn’t realize we have much more outside air exchange than we imagined. After they completed the initial work, we calculated a $360/year savings. Over 10 years: $3,600 (given current gas, oil & electric prices – which we know aren’t holding steady!). All for a $75 investment.

    Homeowners need help with a roadmap to cut wasted $$$’s on A/C & Heating. Follow-up was amazing. REALLY! I now have the data to show the return on investment for solar panels, upgraded home insulations, new appliances and/ or new doors and windows. I’m pretty sure most busy Westporters don’t have the time to hunt down this info for best vendors for quotes or process the numbers in as meaningful way as – this was great!!!

    The Westport government site has more info on it: http://www.westportct.gov/index.aspx?page=616