No Reservations

Rocks and tablecloths are passé.

Now the Really Smart Selfish People reserve (non-reservable) cookout tables and grills at Compo’s South Beach with official-looking police tape.

Here’s how entitled some people think they are:

The tape is wrapped around the grill right at the spot where the sign says “Reserving of tables & cookers is prohibited.”

But the balloon does add a nice festive touch.

38 responses to “No Reservations

  1. Gary Singer

    I’ve only accused Westporters today of being selfish, I never said
    they weren’t creative. ( Sort of. )

  2. A pair of scissors fixes the problem nicely…

  3. A pair of scissors fixes the problem nicely…

  4. Elisabeth Rose

    Geez, and I thought I’d seen ever type of entitled behavior around here. The second photo is pretty funny…. and pathetic.

  5. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Wow!!!wow… I can only say wow!!!

  6. The Dude Abides

    The magic eye Professor. I should think the tape should stay as it will be needed for a crime scene!!!! CSI Westport.

  7. Why am I not surprised?

  8. This is just too funny!!!! Did I say I was from Westport?
    Rules don’t apply to Westporter’s!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

  9. Is the balloon still there?

  10. If I saw that and was mad enough, that would have been taken down. By me.

  11. what happened to the middle-of-the-night grandparent posting??!!

  12. not surprised

    Another example of bad management by our Parks & Rec. They put up signs, but don’t enforce them. Trees needing pruning, sand and weeds everywhere, but lots of NY license plates with front row parking. We need a new leader… save money. Plenty of employees driving around in that polluting garbage pickup, lifeguards joking, guards reading… terrible supervision… did I say need a new leader ?

  13. That’s not Police tape.
    I’ts just Caution tape.

    Police tape would say:

    “Police Line – Do Not Cross”


    “Crime Scene – Do Not Cross”

  14. The behavior is unfortunate, but the outrage is amusing.

  15. The Dude Abides

    Agreed. Lots of griping and no enforcement. Or Self-help. You see it, take it down. Move their crap yourself or call Dan DeVito of Park and Rec. He is always working weekends.

  16. For your all information, Parks and Recreation does allow certain functions to be reserved. A wedding was recently approved for reservation as well as upcoming reunions. Some fact checking might be in order before jumping to conclusions.

  17. Squeeze some honey around… let the bugs handle them.

  18. Uglier than homemade sin.

  19. If I was there, I would have taken the tape down and started bbq’ing and used the “reserved” tables. It would be delicious to be confronted by these people. I could then start a blog with the names of all the overly entitled people I meet … photos too!

    “These are the people in your neighborhood” NOT what Mr. Rogers had in mind!

  20. The Dude Abides

    Is that Mama Judi? Such anger. I have never heard you say a bad word on this blog and . . . well, still love ya. As said before here, 90 % of the world are assholes. The key to life is finding the 10%. Almost five, time to ignite a dobie.

    • Fred Cantor

      Dude, that’s far worse than a glass half-empty approach to life. What would Mr. Loeffler have said about your perspective? By the way, I just saw on TV that one of the role models we both feel very positively about, John Glenn, turned 90 today.

      • The Dude Abides

        Indeed, “Uncle Johnny” is 90 today and doing well. Still flying his own plane and working hard at turning his graduate school at Ohio State into an undergraduate program as well. He is remarkable. Mr. Loeffler, I would guess, would have taking a long candor at the reserved spot, flipped his keys around several times in his right hand and then given the situation a snide smile with distaste. Another remarkable man. I always see the glass half empty, Fred, but am also eager for someone to come along and fill it up.

      • The Dude Abides

        Misread. I think Mr. Loeffler might agree with my 90-10 philosophy. There was a cynical side of him. He would, however, believe that he turned all his players into the 10%.

    • Hey Dude!! I was just being a bit of a sassy-pants 😀 I didn’t mean to sound angry … I actually laughed when I saw the photos. I thought … what’s next, hiring someone to stand there and guard the table? I’m more of a cooler weather kind of gal, so if I were to bbq at the beach, I’d go off season anyway.

      It’s great to be back with the 06880ers! I did miss you all and can’t wait for the political season and all the wonderful debates – ha! I think we should have a “faces of 06880” bbq at the beach … I’ll go three days early and put up yellow tape, hire and armed guard, and put up an electric fence and reserve the area. tee hee


      • The Dude Abides

        Judi, Judi, Judi. I think the Professor is planning a party this summer
        for us bloggers. Hope the daughter is sleeping through the night?

        • Mia had her days and nights confused for the first few months, so I was up from midnight to 8 in the morning (sometimes I was lucky and she went to bed at 5 in the morning, sometimes not until noon – ouch!!) She’s doing better now, though, asleep by 3 in the morning. She’s so sweet and precious! She will be at the bbq as a future blogger.

  21. Not a member of the bandwagon

    Before anyone makes these kinds of ‘judgements’ they should know what they are talking/complaining about first – you are ALL incorrect in this matter =it’s been all those who placed rocks, chairs, etc on tables on south beach in the past that has been irritating – this however, was completely ‘legal’ for large parties – I suggest you all read up on the ‘rules and regs’ of the Parks and Rec before you jump on the bandwagon = then you can make intelligent and informative comments.

    • THANKS for the clarification. There certainly did not seem to be anyone near the “caution” tape, nor was there any indication of what it was for. Perhaps that should be done in the future — some kind of official permit posted on site for legit parties.

  22. We always make intelligent and informative comments. They just happen to be wrong. Sometimes. Thanks for the clear up. For the record, I think Westport Parks and Recreation do a great job!