Maxine Bleiweis Honored As The Best

For over a decade, Westporters have known Maxine Bleiweis is the best librarian in the world.

Now it’s official.

Maxine Bleiweis

Okay, it’s not a global title.  But the Westport Library‘s long-serving director has just been named Outstanding Librarian by the Connecticut Library Association.  She’ll be honored next Tuesday, at their 120th annual convention in Stamford.

In announcing the honor, the CLA said:

Throughout her career, a hallmark of her philosophy has been keeping libraries at the forefront of meeting community needs; she is known for predicting trends and finding ways to meet needs as they emerge.  One of her earliest initiatives in Westport continues successfully today—specifically addressing the needs of the business community.  She continues to be a pioneer, now by exploring what libraries can do best in the digital age.

Others cite her infectious energy and enthusiasm, her wonderful people skills, prudent fiscal management, the innovative public service model she has developed, and her leadership both within and outside the Library.

During her 13-year tenure in Westport, a community of 26,000, Library program attendance has doubled and circulation has grown to the point the Library is the 8th busiest in all of New England.  She has also been instrumental in securing new community-based financial support through an event that honors luminaries including Tom Brokaw, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Martin Scorsese among others.

“06880” has given plenty of shout-outs to our library.  In part that’s because today’s library is a vibrant, exciting — sometimes even raucous — cog of our community.  It’s no longer the don’t-say-a-word, just-borrow-a-book place of yore.  It now hums with activity and life.

Much of that is Maxine Bleiweis’ doing.  Today, “06880” proudly joins all of Westport — and the Connecticut Library Association — in a roar of applause for our peerless, fearless Outstanding Librarian.

4 responses to “Maxine Bleiweis Honored As The Best

  1. Darryl Manning


  2. Betty Lou Cummings

    Maxine…we ALL know you are the best for Westport, CT & everyone you have touched (including me) through the 13 years…please stay with us forever!Congratulations Maxine on the award from the CLA…you deserve it!!!…PS. Also happy you are going to be a Grandmother soon…it is such a blessing!!! We love you much, Betty Lou Cummings

  3. Kerstin Warner

    Bleiweis, Maxine. Revitalizing a Library in Westport. See also: energetic, welcoming, forward-thinking, fun. — 1st ed. — Westport: Saugatuck River Press, 2011. 150 p. Incl. digital community-building. ISBN: 979-06880-291-8411.

  4. Jill Ross Beres

    I completely agree. Maxine is sensational. I am away for 6 months and she always remembers my name.
    She has made our library very special.