Jane Green Covers The Royals

I swore I wasn’t going to write anything more about the royal wedding.

But, like birthers who can’t help themselves — the obstetrician is dead, so there’s no way to verify he actually signed the form! — I find myself drawn to tomorrow’s frippery.

At least there’s a Westport hook.

Jane Green

Jane  Green — the British born, best-selling author/co-founder of the “chick-lit” genre who now lives here with husband Ian Warburg and their blended family of 6 kids — has turned her long-time royal-watching into a paying gig.

Her latest book — and 1st non-fiction venture — is A Modern Fairy Tale:  William, Kate and Three Generations of Royal Love.

In keeping with the “modern” theme, it’s actually an e-book — ABC News’ 1st.  It blends video, still images, and interactive timelines and maps with Green’s text.

Download it on your iPad.  Or click here to find out more about it.

And now I promise — pinky swear! — not to write one more word about William, Kate, or any king, queen, prince, princess or other royal family member.

Until I see a birth certificate, and am convinced they are actual human beings.

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