Bye Bye, Blockbuster

Westport’s Blockbuster is closing.

The final day may be as early as Sunday, according to Westport Patch.  Over 1,000 stores nationwide are shutting, while 600 remain open.

For now, anyway.

Large signs advertise “All Fixtures, Furniture & Equipment” on sale.  Hurry in for the latest in DVD racks, cash registers and fluorescent lights.

At the same time, a sign in the window urges:  “Join Today! Get Free Rentals All Year Long.”

What a deal!

Just not here.

2 responses to “Bye Bye, Blockbuster

  1. Netflix has done Blockbuster in. Now we wait and see who comes along to do Netflix in. Eventually it may come full circle with Fine Arts 1,2 & 3 reopening,
    and the locals can see film the old fashioned way.

  2. False, iTunes has…Netflix could go under soon too.