And Here Is Bald Mountain

Two days ago, “06880” re-introduced Bald Mountain to Westport.

I’d never heard of it, so I assumed — despite evidence on Google Maps — it didn’t really exist.

Older-time Westporters than I — and those with better memories — quickly assured readers that Bald Mountain is was for real.

Now “06880” reader Judy Sterling sends along a handsome sketch:

It was drawn by Bruno Dolge in the early 1900s.  The view is looking east; he was standing across the Saugatuck River, probably where Saugatuck Elementary School is now.

Dolge included — along with Bald Mountain — Brad Baker’s house and workshop (boathouse), on Imperial Avenue.

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7 responses to “And Here Is Bald Mountain

  1. Didn’t the minute men shoot at the Brits from Bald Mountain? The rumor is you can find musket balls and such in the yards near where it was.

  2. Hmmm … It doesn’t look very bald to me.

  3. One thing I recall is that the climb up it from Imperial Avenue did not seem as long as the distance down to the pits on the other side, which seemed very very far away. I’m not sure if I could have climbed down there. I think I would have if I could have.

  4. Any reason why it doesn’t exist anymore?

  5. It was drawn by Bruno Dolge.