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And Here Is Bald Mountain

Two days ago, “06880” re-introduced Bald Mountain to Westport.

I’d never heard of it, so I assumed — despite evidence on Google Maps — it didn’t really exist.

Older-time Westporters than I — and those with better memories — quickly assured readers that Bald Mountain is was for real.

Now “06880” reader Judy Sterling sends along a handsome sketch:

It was drawn by Bruno Dolge in the early 1900s.  The view is looking east; he was standing across the Saugatuck River, probably where Saugatuck Elementary School is now.

Dolge included — along with Bald Mountain — Brad Baker’s house and workshop (boathouse), on Imperial Avenue.

Anyone with further information on, or memories of, Bald Mountain:  Please click “Comments,” and add them to this post.

If you’ve got similarly great artwork or photos of that era:  Send that along too!