Yeah, that’s the Minuteman, poking his head — barely — above the snow. He’s been standing guard near Compo Beach for 100 years, and says he’s never seen a winter like this one.

Two of the many Westporters who aren’t going anywhere, any time soon.  Fortunately these guys are parked at Old Mill Beach.  It’s beautiful down there, and Elvira’s is open.

Carl Swanson invites Westporters to a Super Bowl party on his back porch.  Please bring shovels.

(Got photos of this latest snowstorm?  Send ’em along:

9 responses to “Snowbound

  1. Will the Doobie Brothers perform at half time ? 🙂

  2. Why does the Town of Westport keep removing knitted caps from the statue?

  3. The Dude Abides

    I believe it is called defacing a landmark. The Minutemen didn’t get cold nor wear knitted hats.

  4. Dude’s right… and while I always thought it was humorous, one WWII vet thought it was disgraceful. A generational thing or just sense of humor conflict?