Unwelcome At Compo

Among the discussion of whose beach Compo is, we can probably all agree on one population we’d rather not see:

3 responses to “Unwelcome At Compo

  1. So selfish you all are ay!

  2. Interestingly, on a recent visit I learned that the geese that visit Lake George, New York, only land in the water. Residents protect their beaches and yards by fencing the water’s edge. Unfortunately, Westport’s geese are more evolved and seem to take to the land just as easily as the water.

  3. AP reported in today’s THE HOUR that NY STATE is planning to “eliminate” 165,000 geese from its’ 250,00 population and “eliminate” another 350,000 from the Atlantic Flyway that would probably include Westport. Airport safety.

    Geese need a long takeoff & landing zone as opposed to ducks that can “helicopter” to a pond.