A Modest Proposal

It’s good that the road linking Compo Shopping Center and East Main Street — where the Humane Society is located — is 1-way.

Unfortunately, the 1-way is the wrong way.

That little hill should be an entrance — not an exit.

Drivers can already reach East Main via the back lot — just cut through between CVS and Olympia Sports.  No human being has ever been seen leaving the shopping center via the hill (unless making an illegal right turn onto the Post Road).

Creating a 1-way entrance, rather than an exit, would alleviate the gruesome backup in front of what is now the shopping center’s only entry.  Drivers not turning into the shopping center get stuck at the light behind those who are; meanwhile, the entire intersection is a mess for many reasons.  (Three of the biggest:  the entrance/exit is too narrow; it’s not directly aligned with the one across the street at Trader Joe’s, and Westport drivers think traffic rules apply to everyone except themselves.)

Adding another entrance to Compo Shopping Center via East Main Street won’t alleviate every problem.  Cars will still bunch up in the Gold’s section, behind those waiting at every conceivable angle to exit.

But — as they say about taking Gold’s chicken soup for a cold — “it can’t hoit.”

5 responses to “A Modest Proposal

  1. This sounds like a good idea, the entrance to CVS is too scary right now. People walking are often trying to cross Post Road there as well, from Trader Joe’s over to CVS.

  2. Or, just come in and use the rear entrance since its much easier anyway.

  3. That is what I usually do, and avoid having a fright.

  4. Elliot Richardson

    There used to be no exit to the parking area. The very end of the shopping center was once home to the Nixon-Lodge headquarters in 1960 and for some reason in 1972 (coinciding with Watergate), the extension that you depict was added. I am sure it has something to do with Watergate and the burglars.

  5. Wendy Crowther

    I get to/from my house several times a day via E. Main St. and nearly collide with people who pull out of the CVS lot at the Cohen’s exit and ignore the one way, no right turn sign on E. Main. They want quick access to the Post Rd. and don’t want to turn left and get lost in the back bowels of CVS.

    I totally agree that the entry/exit in the center of the lot is horrid. It’s also compounded by the huge bump as you pull onto/off of the Post Rd that causes you to bottom out. People also enter and exit on the wrong side of the center post. OMG the things I see people do there.

    It’s one of the most dangerous intersections in town and I wish something could be done about it. No doubt old parking rules are grandfathered there. I know of two fatalities along that strip between CVS and Compo Rd. It’s surprising there haven’t been more. Just wait.