One Challah-va Mother

How far will a Jewish mother go for her son?

400 miles, apparently.

That’s how far Jane Moritz traveled to make a nice Jewish meal for Sam, a sophomore at Allegheny College.

This was hardly chicken soup.  Jane made brisket, cabbage and noodles, gefilte fish, potato kugel and more.

Jane and her boy did not dine alone.  They were joined by  Sam’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity brothers — and members of the Allegheny Hillel.

College president James H. Mullen also stopped by to nosh.

Jane and Sam Moritz

Last weekend’s event was one of the 1st joint Greek-Hillel events at Allegheny.  The Hillel members enjoyed the comforts of familiar food — while the frat guys loved the unfamiliar meal.  (Don’t believe me?  Check out this YouTube video of the event.)

Sam — who is both a Hillel member and his house’s social chairman — was the catalyst for the lunch.  His brothers loved the kosher care packages Jane sent, so he figured he’d go one step further:  a Jewish meal, made by mom.

“When Sam asked me to come to his college and cook for 50 kids, I looked at him like he was crazy,” Jane — the owner of Challah Connection, an online Jewish gift and gourmet kosher gift basket company — says.

“But then I began to realize that this was a lovely opportunity to share our traditions — and that it was my ‘mitzvah’ (good deed) for the day.

“No matter where you come from, no matter what your religion or ethnic background, we all come together over great food.”

Especially when Mom comes 400 miles to make it.

3 responses to “One Challah-va Mother

  1. I am lucky to have the Mortiz family in my circle of friends and I have benefited from the natural and welcoming manner in which they share their cultural traditions. Plus, what a cute mom & son story !!

  2. WOW! Super Mom and nice to see the continuance of traditions despite the trend toward a melting pot heritage.

  3. The brisket is to die for.