A Tailor’s Tale

It may be the 1st time in history a clothing store bought a full-age ad to honor a tailor.

Today’s Westport News features a tribute to Domenic Condeleo.  He’s celebrating 50 years as a tailor at Mitchells of Westport — and the Mitchell family wants the world to know how proud they are of him.

Domenic now oversees a staff of 23.  He personally fits America’s top executives — some of whom refuse to see anyone else, the ad says.

“Mitchells would not be as successful as it is today without Domenic,” notes Bill Mitchell.

“Not only is he an incredible tailor, he also is a top-notch manager, and a great salesperson.  His personality makes people gravitate towards him.  He’s a star.”

This is not the 1st time Mitchells has honored Domenic.  Back in 1994 — when he’d been with the family for “only” 34 years — the US hosted soccer’s World Cup.  Bill and his brother Jack flew Domenic around the country, to watch his beloved Italian team play.

Tomorrow (Saturday, April 24), Mitchell’s invites Domenic’s many customers and friends to toast his half-century of service.  The store serves prosecco and antipasto from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.  All are welcome.

And while you’re there thanking Domenic, thank Bill and Jack for their very classy thanks too!

2 responses to “A Tailor’s Tale

  1. OMG! Just around 1960-62, when I first started commuting to NYC for my first ad agency job, I
    needed some decent “honky clothes. Domenic almost made me look like I belonged in the Board Room and on the Bar Car. Long may he reign as
    the King of the Pin and Chalk.

  2. Carl A. Swanson

    I worked at Ed Mitchell’s in Colonial Green while I was a senior at Staples (’65-66) and several Christmas’ following during college. I got to know Domenic very well and I must say it is great to see he has done so well. I was a stock boy back then and with a strong propensity for talking (which Staples frowned upon) and Domenic was attempting to learn English. So, we were a good match. While he and one other tailor sowed, I yapped (sorry Billy, there are just so many boxes I could unpack). Later, when I was promoted to the sales floor, whenever I was challenged by a customer on my lack of knowledge, I would merely say: “We need to consult with our tailor.” And Domenic would climb those stairs from below and sooth everyone’s anxiety. He was truly a great guy and very deserving of some recognition. 50 years! Remarkable!