Hot Property

Okay, so real estate in Westport is moving slower than New York traffic when the president’s in town.

Maybe you just need the right realtor.

Someone like Westport native Bram Shook.

There’s only 1 problem:  He’s in Costa Rica.

But that didn’t stop HGTV from featuring him — and his Century 21 firm down in the surfing resort town of Nosara– on their House Hunters International show.

Here’s the premise:

Ken and Donna Richardson live in Conway, South Carolina with their Maltese dog.  Ken recently retired and wants to buy a 2nd home in his favorite fishing spot: Nosara.  Donna has never been there — but she feels adventurous, and joins Ken in the search.

They want a 3-bed, 3-bath home with an open floor plan, a pool and an ocean view.  They also want to be near the beach. They have a budget of $700,000 — and have given themselves just 3 days to complete their search.

The assignment seems impossible — particularly because in Nosara a wildlife refuge separates all the homes from the beach.

But Bram is a realtor, which — in Costa Rica as in Westport — means anything is possible!

He shows them 3 places.  Each has killer attractions (ocean views!  a pool!  bright tropical colors!) — and potential deal-killers (the views are too far from the actual ocean!  the pool might be unsafe!  the rooms with the tropical colors are small!).

The TV show answered the question:  “With one day left to make their decision, will Ken and Donna decide to buy or fly home empty-handed?”

What did they decide?

Beats me.  I just learned about the show — and it aired earlier this month.  The web site offers no clue.

But it’s nice to know that Westport’s not the only place in the world with real estate stories.

Bram Shook and his family enjoy life in Costa Rica.

2 responses to “Hot Property

  1. I am told here in Westport that the sellers think the market has turned and the buyers think it has not hit bottom. Result: realtors going crazy. Plus many “short selling” where the banks/lenders get involved in the sale because more is owed on the house than it is worth. Fun time in paradise! And I have to live with a relator!!

  2. Thanks Coach Woog! I’d like to invite any Westporters to come down and see Nosara. Costa Rica is magical. E-mail me if you need help planning a trip. Pura vida! -Bram