A New Environmental ‘Party’

Sure, they’ve helped ban plastic bags, prodded us into Priuses, and made us feel guilty every time we eat a Ring Ding.

But that doesn’t mean the men and women of Westport’s Green Village Initative don’t know how to party down.

This Saturday (January 16), they’re throwing a Winter Party at the Unitarian Church.  From 7 p.m. to midnight there will be a Big Band-style dance band, good food, silent auction — and open bar.

Tickets are $50.  GVI has underwritten the cost of the party, so all proceeds will go to 2 environmental groups:  Save the Sound-Connecticut Fund for the Environment, and the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters.

Al Gore may not show up, but it sounds like a fun night anyway.

(RSVP to Carmela: ci@mainstreetresources.com; 203-227-5320.)

One response to “A New Environmental ‘Party’

  1. Hey Dan… Just to let you know the food that is being prepared by The Main Course Catering is all of a local nature. Most of it is coming from CT Farmers and producers or neighboring States. I won’t tell you the menu, but you won’t be disappointed. Checkout our website http://www.themaincoursecatering.com for possible hints and or recipes. Looking forward to showcsing the BEST CT has to offer.