This Rabbi Walks Into A Comedy Club…

Grossinger’s is closed.  “Seinfeld” is off the air.

But the Conservative Synagogue is about to showcase Jewish comedians, from the days of vaudeville and radio through today’s movies and stand-up.

Alan Katz

At 7 p.m. next Sunday (January 17), Weston resident Alan Katz will conduct a “virtual” tour of Jewish comedy.  The event is called “Shtick at the Shul.”  Oy.

Katz is a 5-time Emmy-nominated comedy writer for TV series, including Rosie O’Donnell and Tony Danza;  the Grammy and Tony Awards, and numerous cable programs.  He has written primetime specials, game shows and articles for the New York Times and Daily News, and is the author of more than 25 children’s books, including “Take Me Out of the Bathtub.”

Katz will talk about George Burns, Lenny Bruce and Adam Sandler.

You want more names?  So come to the event.

(Dessert and coffee will be served.  RSVP by January 13 to obtain a parking spot:  call 203-454-4673 or email

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  1. Deirdre O'Farrelly

    is it to be held at the Conservative Synagogue?? address??