Knitting Knews

Meat Loaf was wrong.  2 out of 3 is bad.

Knitting  Central — 1 of 3 adjacent stores in the strip mall opposite Fresh Market — is closing its doors.  With Princess Jewelers also supposedly going out of business — it’s been advertising 50 to 70% off for months, though recently the discount was upped to 80% — there will be only 1 place open of the 3.

That’s Body Quest — an “energizing fitness fusion class” — which occupies the spot held for 60 years by Beacon Electronics.

Knitting Central’s demise was announced in an email, and on the store’s website, by the owners.  They called New Year’s a time “to have a lifestyle change  and start a new chapter.”

The decision came after “an incredible amount of thought and conversation,” they said.  Though the store will close, they will continue to offer “the best and most unique fibers available” online.  Their internet store, they said, has grown well.

The owners — Cynthia and Rick — look forward to spending more time together, and with their family, while sharing their love of knitting and crocheting with their customers.

I never set foot inside Knitting Central — never knew it existed, to be honest — but “06880” reader Fran White called it “a wonderful store.  They were always willing to help with a problem, for both experienced and beginning knitters.”

Rick and Cynthia said they hoped they met the goals they set when they opened their Post Road East store — just west of Dunkin’ Donuts and the UPS Store — 6 years ago:  to grow a true knitting community, and provide a strong educational program.

A sale — 30-35% off — began yesterday.  It includes needles, accessories, books, patterns, sample garments and yarns.  Classes will continue as listed, and all special orders already placed will be delivered.

Though the decision to close involved many factors, looking at those soon-to-be-empty storefronts I think of another song, this one by Meat Loaf contemporaries Queen.  Another One Bites the Dust.

2 responses to “Knitting Knews

  1. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Oh yes, this was the best knitting store around, and it makes me sad that just as I am starting to knit more, it is closing! All the people there were helpful, but Dani Conway there was especially talented. Hope she finds a place to use her extensive gifts somewhere else!

  2. Cynthia gave Westport an amazing gift. She brought the most well-known designers in the world of knitting to Westport. Her staff was all A+ and she added a wonderful atmosphere in our wonderful town. She, and everyone at Knitting Central will sorely be missed.