Great Customer Service (Jewelry Store)

blog - watchMy watch crystal broke, so I went to the jeweler I always use:  Francois Du Pont, on Main Street.

It’s changed owners and is now called Pandora Jewelers, which shows you how often I go downtown.  But that’ s not the point.

The owner could not replace it.  Yet rather than stopping there and sending me away, he directed me to New England Jewelers.  Then he made sure I knew where it was:  a few steps up the street, down the stairs just before J. Crew.

He didn’t have to send me to a competitor — a store that might treat me so well, I’d always go back.

He didn’t have to.

But he did.

5 responses to “Great Customer Service (Jewelry Store)

  1. Love stories about quality customer service. Seems easy for a store ownwer/employee to be nice, but it is rare.

    I wonder if these store owners you are running into are actually that nice, or just scared to receive the wrath of a blogger with an opinionated pen?

    Keep ’em coming Dan.

  2. Did you notice that it is the Swezey family now as part of New England Jewelers? Same great service!

  3. Deborah Blair

    Thank you for noticing the great service and selflessness and then taking the time to let others know. One of the ways that we are going to claim our lives back from the out-of-control train wreck that we are living in is to release our need to “compete” by negatively dissing our fellow business people. When businesses have a “win-win” – “Help – Help” and there is enough for all of us if we help each other – attitude – we take care of the customer, which should be number one AND we actually create better business for all of us.

    I remember a Westport of the 1960’s and early seventies where merchants did work with and support each other. We can tap into our hearts and find the caring, compassion, and joy in our hearts to grow this again. It just takes effort – and it takes public appreciation for this – as you have done, Dan. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the kind words Dan, I am still called Francois duPont jewelers though, Pandora is the hot jewelry item at the moment so that,s why we have so much Pandora signage on the outside of the store on Main street.

  5. Just out of curiosity are you a relative of Francois? My daughter just bought a ring at Pandora and I noticed the debit card said Francois du Pont. My father Aggie used to do business with Francois many many years ago.