Vote For Me!

The choices for next month’s town elections are tough.  So many qualified candidates; so many debates on TV, radio, in living rooms throughout town…how can we choose?

Fortunately, I found a foolproof method:

Westport CT candidate signs

In November I’m voting for Izzo, Marpe, McGovern, Corwin, Janishian, Lathrop, Soli, Garten, Stern, Kander, Zappi, Joseloff and Kassen.

Although, to be honest, the only thing I really know about any of them is that Desiree Soli will “protect Westport.”

Whew — this election thing wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought.

4 responses to “Vote For Me!

  1. Nice job Dan. I drove to my parents Sunday and saw either the same or similar sight and had the same thought. Glad voters are getting the information to make an informed decision!

  2. Stephen Rubin

    Let’s not forget to vote for our RTM members.
    RTM District 7 — Stephen Rubin

  3. Wendy Crowther

    Though I know that the candidates are all working hard to gain name recognition and to win their respective elections, I find these signs to be visually polluting and a waste of resources. I’d much rather see our candidates spend their money publishing their position statements in the newspapers. These “Vote for Me” signs will take years to biodegrade in the garbage dump and they tell us nothing about the candidates. In a town that prides itself on its plastic bag ban, let’s ban these signs in favor of newspaper ads. At least I can recycle my newspaper after reading all about the candidates and what they stand for.

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