Vote For Me! (Part 2)

This morning I posted a snarky piece, with a photo of the visual pollution of candidates’ signs around town.  I didn’t say so, but it was taken at the foot of Cross Highway, leading up from Main Street.

I drove by early this afternoon, and almost rammed the car in front.  Here’s what I saw:


Was it something I said?

6 responses to “Vote For Me! (Part 2)

  1. Don’t mess with 06880!

  2. jeffrey crowne

    the intersection of n maple and long lots another eye sore…beautiful autumn plantings ruined by abt 20 political signs….

  3. How about the patch of signs at the corner of Church & Myrtle Ave? Ugly and ridiculous.

  4. I know the candidates ask supporters around town to “put up a sign” on that person’s own property. That’s fine. But using public property to stick up a political sign (and I know it’s EASIER than asking people to erect signs on their private property) is wrong. I like how Jeffrey points out that autumn plantings were ruined, so isn’t this an issue that the town can forbid? Perhaps there is already a law … that isn’t followed? Could I put up a commercial sign anywhere in town for Linda’s Yummy Cookies (if I made them)? I think not.

    • I think (though I’m not positive) that the reason candidates put up signs on public property is because it is specifically protected, constitutionally, as free speech.

  5. Joanne Heller

    This is from the town website.

    Guidelines for Temporary Signs for Public, Charitable and Political Purposes
    on Public Property

    Temporary Signs for Political Purposes
    Political signs are allowed on public property. Public property includes traffic islands, road rights of way
    and Town Parks and Recreation facilities, with the following conditions:
    • Signs on the Town’s Parks and Recreation facilities must first be approved by the Park and
    Recreation Director.
    • Signs located on the Town’s public school properties must first be approved by the School
    Superintendent’s office.
    • Signs cannot interfere with traffic visibility.
    • Political signs cannot be placed on State of Connecticut property (including rights of way and
    islands along Routes 1, 136, 57, Sherwood Connector, nor on the exit or entrance ramps of I-
    95 or the Merritt Parkway).
    • Signs cannot be placed on trees or utility poles.
    • Political signs located on private property need the approval of the private property owner.

    There are more stringent rules for signs for charitable events which are limited to 15 per event, and can be put up no more than 2 weeks in advance of the event. Maybe there should be a limit on the number of political signs a candidate can put up on town property.