The Fox And The Geese

A fox stalked Canada geese today, on the grass at Compo Beach.

Officials deemed the fox a threat to the community and killed it with 1 shot, reported.

They got the wrong species.

4 responses to “The Fox And The Geese

  1. katherine hooper

    you got that right!

  2. Luisa Francoeur

    Who decided? For what reason was the fox considered to be a “danger to the community”? We know the geese are dangerous…. what a mistake.

  3. Mike Pettee


    Too late now! I can think of several Westport locales that would have hired that fox.

  4. Chip Stephens

    Deer carry ticks that cause lyme , dogs have been seen biting mailmen and pedestrians, raccoons can carry rabies, danger to the community all around ….
    If we take out natural predators we cause the goose and deer problem to get worse. The cardboard coyotes better beware!