Staples Goes Green

Staples’ colors were always blue and white.  Now it’s green.

That’s green, as in “environmentally aware.”

The school’s ecological consciousness is displayed in many areas.  A meeting yesterday examined how the new “edible garden” — to be constructed next month — can best serve every Westport school.

Today at 2:15 John Rountree will lead a discussion on how to put solar panels on Staples.

On May 30, a free EcoFest concert at Levitt Pavilion will use local bands and booths to spread awareness of environmental issues. 

This week, students gathered data to help pass Westport’s plastic bag ban in other Connecticut towns.

Last month’s Earth Week celebration raised $2,000.  The money will help fund solar panel kits in the Dominican Republic, recycling bins for Staples, even a composting system for the cafeteria.

Staples High School Club Green

Many initiatives are organized by the school’s Club Green.  But, says advisor Mike Aitkenhead, environmental awareness reaches every group.

“Students are motivated.  They debate and discuss issues around lunch tables.  They care, and they understand the importance of preserving our planet.

“Wonderful things can happen in Westport.  It’s been marvelous and inspiring to be a part of all that has been going on.”

Staples students are not perfect.  Too many drive to school alone; too few take the bus.  They leave garbage all around, and don’t recycle enough.

But — judging by increased consciousness this past year — those changes will come too.

From Staples Players reusing playbills to students refilling water bottles instead of buying new ones, a new, green day has dawned.

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