Stark Scholarship Facts

Staples Tuition GrantsSince World War II, Staples Tuition Grants have helped Westporters pay for college.

This year, families that once donated funds now look for them.

The number of students applying for grants is up nearly 35% over last year.  The amount of money available is down 5%.

Applicants cover a broad spectrum.  Some are raised by single parents; others, in homes where 1 or both parents are seriously ill or out of work.

This year, even 2 working parents can’t always keep pace with the rising cost of college.

Nearly all grant recipients work part-time during the school year and summer.  They are teenagers you see every day — accomplishing great things in athletics, the arts, science and elsewhere, despite the pressures they face and are reluctant to talk about.

On June 4, more than 75 current and former Staples students will receive grants.   Between now and then, board members are gratefully accepting contributions to ensure the highest possible awards for recipients.

If you ever received a Staples Tuition Grant — or a similar scholarship — please give what you can.

If you know a Staples student you admire — please donate in his or her honor.

If you have faith in our future — and believe that our Staples graduates can help shape it — please contribute.

(Contributions can be made via the website — — or by mail:  Staples Tuition Grants, PO Box 5159, Westport, CT 06881.)

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