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Calling All Roofers!

I posted this story in January, 2011. Unfortunately, it’s needed again. Thanks to alert “06880” reader Peter Flatow, who found it — and the many Westporters who (I am sure) will respond to it.


An alert “06880” reader writes:

Hey Dan, maybe you could post something asking for recommendations for contractors or whomever will clean off roofs.  I’m worried about killing myself.  Maybe we give some local entrepreneurs some business.

A great idea.  Click “Comments” to recommend anyone you know — or yourself. Feel free to include recommendations of any other FML-weather-related folks we might need in other categories, too. (Plumbers, anyone?)

Caveat emptor:  This is a blog, not the Better Business Bureau.  Do due diligence before hiring!


Snowflakes On Steroids

Westport is seeing some serious snowflakes right now.

(Photo/Susan Holden)

(Photo/Susan Holden)

Snowflakes on steroids

Some of them are bigger than I am.