Snowflakes On Steroids

Westport is seeing some serious snowflakes right now.

(Photo/Susan Holden)

(Photo/Susan Holden)

Snowflakes on steroids

Some of them are bigger than I am.

9 responses to “Snowflakes On Steroids

  1. Joanna Triscari

    Dear Dan,
    We are new residents of Westport and find your blog simply invaluable in getting to know our new hometown!
    I may not comment much, but please know that your posts always make my day!!!

  2. Bob Selverstone

    Yeah; but they are all cold — and YOU are WARM!!!

  3. Yes, Dan these snowflakes are humongous = hate them just like I hate all snow and winter – definitely time to look into moving south!
    Am trying to have some useful time today and started on my taxes – yuck- got my W-2 forms, but now can’t find them!!

  4. …and while that wouldn’t take much…it is still pretty big.

  5. Stephanie Bass

    …the story today is THE ICE…I’m walking like my mother….ME…

  6. Sherry Nelson Hauser

    I wish you could melt it and send to California’s Central Valley ~ our veggies are endangered. My regards to all Westporters. I walked 2 miles to and from Staples for 3 years and enjoyed the walk along Long Lots and North Av in all seasons. I consider the treks an important part of my education: a connection to nature. Thinking of you all from my home on a clear 66 degree day in San Jose. Sherry Hauser

  7. 60 degrees here in the Mojave. Working getting our veggie garden ready to plant 🙂 I miss the snow, but am fine just seeing pictures! We were thinking of moving back east, but this winter weather has us thinking again!

    • Sharon Hauser (nee Sherry Nelson)

      We’re considering re-planting our lawns with cacti and other drought-resistant foliage–any ideas from the desert?

  8. I went outside, and I swear those snowflakes were thudding whey hit the ground. I love each one. mmm