Westport, Through A Window

(Photo/Dayle Brownstein)

(Photo/Dayle Brownstein)

16 responses to “Westport, Through A Window

  1. Beautiful photo! !

  2. A. Susan Brenner


  3. Hi Dayle!! Very nice photo;) hope you are well!
    I remember Al’s class and neeting tgere!

  4. Lovely. Westport’s got talent.

  5. Just beautiful! Just sent it (hope you don’t mind, Dayle– i credited you), to a friend who lost her sister yesterday.

  6. Deb Rosenfield

    What a lovely photo! It’s a gentle reminder that Spring will be here at some point.

  7. Nick Thiemann

    Beautiful photograph. Terrible energy efficiency

  8. Bobbie Herman

    How beautiful!


  10. Terry Santella Anzalone


  11. Thanks for the nice comments.
    Hi Susan! Hope you are well.
    Wendy, I’m sorry about your friend.
    Nick, don’t worry, I only opened the window
    For the pic.

    • Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

      Can this lovely photo be repurposed for a non profit newsletter (Episcopal Church Women of Connecticut)? I would of course credit your name!

  12. dayle Brownstein

    Sylvia – help yourself …… (as long as it is ok with the publisher (Dan Woog – 06880)

  13. Sylvia Corrigan – I didn’t have any wifi yesterday. If you email me with your email, I will send you a slightly better edited version of pic daylewrites@yahoo.com