Calling All Roofers!

I posted this story in January, 2011. Unfortunately, it’s needed again. Thanks to alert “06880” reader Peter Flatow, who found it — and the many Westporters who (I am sure) will respond to it.


An alert “06880” reader writes:

Hey Dan, maybe you could post something asking for recommendations for contractors or whomever will clean off roofs.  I’m worried about killing myself.  Maybe we give some local entrepreneurs some business.

A great idea.  Click “Comments” to recommend anyone you know — or yourself. Feel free to include recommendations of any other FML-weather-related folks we might need in other categories, too. (Plumbers, anyone?)

Caveat emptor:  This is a blog, not the Better Business Bureau.  Do due diligence before hiring!


16 responses to “Calling All Roofers!

  1. DON BUXTON, 203-762-9964. He did ours.

  2. It’s a good idea to have a roof rake…then you stand in your yard a lift up and rake down as much as you can.i getting better at it!of course I don’t have a very tall house! Make sure if you do have someone shovel…that they don’t actually remove roof tiles…gentle gentle please!

  3. If your house is accessible from a road or driveway, your tree company, using a bucket truck. may be the best and safest option for clearing your roof.

  4. I may be wrong but I can’t imagine anything could be done at this time until the temps warm up. Knocking icicles off the rain gutters is about as much as I can do safely.

  5. we do Ice dam removal all of Fairfield County

  6. Pivot Ministries will send men with ladders to remove snow. Prices are reasonable and support our mission in Norwalk and Bridgeport. 203 451 7555.

  7. So what I have done in Western Mass. Is to put many stockings filled with salt in my Ice in the gutter… Placed vertically and waited for it to melt the ice. I heard about it on Facebook . Rake the roof first , then put these contraptions on the ice and pray that it will melt the ice and form little canals, so that the melted snow behind the ice, melts and drips down through these canals. So that it does not go into the walls and into your house. I am still praying. Especially since now the wind will probably blow them off of the roof. Oh well, until I move to a warmer climate,this will have to do.

    • Ernest Lorimer

      The gutters are not the problem. It’s the dams on the roof above that are the problem.

  8. This is a ghastly problem and by the time it gets to what is pictured above it is best to just start drinking. One feels so helpless watching the water coming in. It’s kind of like being flooded. Or invaded. I’ve finally learned my lesson: just get the snow off the roof with a roof rake as soon as you can – every single time it snows. This practice seems to makes a material difference: no snow means no water to refreeze and form a dam when it hits the coldest part of your roof; the part over the eaves. I’ve also noticed a big improvement after recently making my roof slightly “colder” with higher R value insulation.

  9. A roof rake us a real asset and works quite well
    Sandy Johnson

  10. Adam Schwartz '75

    Move to California….

  11. Refrain from going on your roof!!! In Torrington CT a man died falling off his roof last Friday, Bill Winn.

  12. Mega thanks to Dan for the post and to Bob Gregson ( or 203.339.1761) who came right out, cleared the ice and saved us from having a leak.

  13. Bob Gregson did a great job for us.

  14. Jane McCaffrey

    Thanks for this info re Bob Gregson. He did a wonderful job for us!