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Unsung Heroes #63

The other day, as a Westport woman was leaving Whole Foods — her favorite store — she realized her watch was missing.

It was a cherished gift from her late husband. He died a couple of years ago, and she still misses him terribly.

Perhaps it was in the car? No.

Maybe it was back inside? No again.

Her last hope was that she’d forgotten to wear the watch that morning, and it was still at home.

It was not. She sat down, and cried.

The Westport Whole Foods shopping plaza. (Photo/Brooke Emery Scharfstein)

But something impelled her to drive back to Whole Foods. Anxiously, she asked, “did anyone find a watch?”

“Was it gold and Gucci?” the employee replied.

“Yes!” the Westporter said.

The Whole Foods worker unlocked a drawer. The watch was there, safe and secure.

The woman learned that two Whole Foods customer service employees — Sabrina and Lyncia — had found the watch, and turned it in.

“They were angels who came into my life,” she says.

(From left): Sabrina, Andres and Lyncia.

She wanted to do something for the 2 angels. Andres of the store leadership team said no; he’d take care of them himself. “These are the type of people we hire,” he told her.

The Westport woman — still smiling and grateful, days later — says, “Every time I wear my watch, I see their faces. And I think of the goodness and honesty that is all around us.”

Thank you, Sabrina, Lyncia and Andres, for brightening one customer’s day.

And all the rest of ours, too.

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Pic Of The Day #366

It rained the other day. Predictably, shoppers left their carts everywhere — including in the middle of 2 parking spots. Hey, it’s wet out — let these carts be someone else’s problem! (Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

Unsung Hero #36

On Super Bowl Sunday, alert “06880” reader Beth Saunders asked her husband to run to Whole Foods for cilantro. (You know: guacamole.)

He had just played squash. Not until he left the store did he notice his wallet had fallen out of his gym pants.

He headed back inside. Someone had already turned it in — with $500 still inside.

He told Beth the story. She peppered him with questions.

“Who do you think was so kind? An employee? A shopper? A woman? Didn’t you ask? Who was at the desk? And who carries $500 in their wallet?”

There were still no answers.

So, Beth says, “I’m just throwing out a ‘thank you’ to the universe.”

We don’t know who this week’s Unsung Hero is. But as John Wooden said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is looking.”

Or she.

Photo Challenge #137

“06880” readers sure know where all the bones are buried.

Especially the ones in the Platt Burial Ground.

Many of us whiz past on Post Road West, never noticing the small cemetery just this side of Whole Foods. (Click here for the photo.)

But Susan Lloyd, Jill Turner Odice, Ellen Greenberg, Bob Weingarten, Diane Silfen, Bill Kiedaisch, James Weisz, Jacques Voris and Lawrence Zlatkin all knew exactly where it is.

Weingarten — the Westport Historical Society house historian — also knew the back story. He wrote:

In 1812 Samuel Platt willed a small lot to be used as a family cemetery which was used into the 20th Century on Post Road West, next to Whole Foods shopping area. The cemetery is now owned and preserved by the town.

We go above ground for this week’s photo challenge. If you think you know where in Westport you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Tom Feeley)