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And The ‘Westport Madness” Winner Is …

… no surprise.

“06880” readers chose Compo Beach as the most quintessential part of Westport, in our first-ever “Westport Madness” contest.

It wasn’t even close.

The sand/Sound/cookout/playground/sail/skate/stroll/sports center walloped Saugatuck — the original commercial heart of our town — by 85.8% to 14.2%.

Click on or hover over to enlarge.

Thanks to all who voted. Huge props to Staples High School sophomore Luca Caniato, who masterminded the back end.

The contest will be back next year. Will the champion defend its crown?

There will be some new, stiff competition.

But in the meantime:

Congrats, Compo!

It doesn’t get more Westport than this. (Photo/Rowene Weems)

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“Westport Madness”: Championship Match Is Here!

Four rounds of voting in our 1st-ever “Westport Madness” contest have brought a classic final-round match-up:

Compo Beach vs. Saugatuck.

Which is the quintessential “Westport”?

You be the judge.

Click here to vote.

Balloting ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night.

Click on or hover over to enlarge.

Is Westport best defined by the place we go to swim, sun, stroll, sail, skate, grill, play basketball and pickleball and play with our kids — or by the warm, walkable neighborhood with restaurants, local businesses, a train station and historic bridge that was the center of population and commerce long before we had a downtown?

We’ll know on Monday.

Thanks to all who participated in “Westport Madness.”

And you did it all without office pools, and putting down any cash.

(Kudos to Staples High School sophomore Luca Caniato, who created and handled the back end of this contest brilliantly.)

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Westport Madness: Round Of 16 Voting Underway

Just like its March Madness counterpart, the first round of our Westport Madness tournament featured close match-ups, blowouts and surprises.

The search to find the most quintessential element of Westport included one-sided victories:

  • Compo Beach over Sherwood Island (83.8% to 16.2%)
  • Angelina’s over Planet Pizza (79.6 to 20.4)
  • Remarkable Book Shop over Arrow restaurant (90 to 10)
  • Grass fields over turf fields (86.3 to 13.8)
  • Greens Farms Academy over Fairfield Prep (81.2 to 18.8)
  • Gold’s over Rye Ridge (83.8 to 16.2)

Much closer:

  • Calise’s over Gaetano’s (52.1 to 47.9)
  • MoCA over the Artists Collective of Westport (52.3 to 47.7)

And, in what some may think of as upsets:

  • “New” school start times over “old” school start times (50.4 to 49.6)
  • YMCA downtown over YMCA Mahackeno property (57.5 to 42.5)

Other results:

  • Tennis over pickleball (61.7 to 38.3)
  • Westport Library over Levitt Pavilion (67.9 to 32.1)
  • Westport train station over Greens Farms train station (75 to 25)
  • BMS over CMS (60 to 40)
  • Merritt Parkway over I-95 (74.6 to 25.4)
  • Saugatuck over Greens Farms (72.9 to 21.7)

Voting for the Round of 16 is underway. Click here; scroll down for each bracket, then hit “Submit.”

Voting is open through 11:59 p.m. Monday. Game on!

(Graphic and ballots courtesy of Luca Caniato)

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