“Westport Madness”: Championship Match Is Here!

Four rounds of voting in our 1st-ever “Westport Madness” contest have brought a classic final-round match-up:

Compo Beach vs. Saugatuck.

Which is the quintessential “Westport”?

You be the judge.

Click here to vote.

Balloting ends at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night.

Click on or hover over to enlarge.

Is Westport best defined by the place we go to swim, sun, stroll, sail, skate, grill, play basketball and pickleball and play with our kids — or by the warm, walkable neighborhood with restaurants, local businesses, a train station and historic bridge that was the center of population and commerce long before we had a downtown?

We’ll know on Monday.

Thanks to all who participated in “Westport Madness.”

And you did it all without office pools, and putting down any cash.

(Kudos to Staples High School sophomore Luca Caniato, who created and handled the back end of this contest brilliantly.)

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2 responses to ““Westport Madness”: Championship Match Is Here!

  1. Saugatuck absolutely!

  2. Carl Addison Swanson, Wrecker, '66.

    Remember the March Madness pool at Mario’s? I think it was near 250K and with a waiting line (Welcome to Westport) of course. My vote goes for the old YMCA.

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