And The ‘Westport Madness” Winner Is …

… no surprise.

“06880” readers chose Compo Beach as the most quintessential part of Westport, in our first-ever “Westport Madness” contest.

It wasn’t even close.

The sand/Sound/cookout/playground/sail/skate/stroll/sports center walloped Saugatuck — the original commercial heart of our town — by 85.8% to 14.2%.

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Thanks to all who voted. Huge props to Staples High School sophomore Luca Caniato, who masterminded the back end.

The contest will be back next year. Will the champion defend its crown?

There will be some new, stiff competition.

But in the meantime:

Congrats, Compo!

It doesn’t get more Westport than this. (Photo/Rowene Weems)

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3 responses to “And The ‘Westport Madness” Winner Is …

  1. Marianne Harrison

    Nice to have picked a winner in one of my three brackets this March!

  2. Saugatuck fought hard to make it to the Finals, but of course recognizes Compo as the Best of Westport!

  3. Jonathan Prager

    Not at all sure how the tournament was conceived or organized. Still, it seems to me that just like the real March Madness, seeds might be a great idea.

    For example, to have Compo Beach and Sherwood Island, The Westport Library and The Levitt Pavillion, and even The Remarkable Book Shop and The Arrow all face each other in the first round seems shortsighted. Sure, the concept may have been to pair like features immediately. Yet doing so masks the popularity of specific components.

    Sherwood Island and The Levitt Pavillion would surely have gone far had they initially not faced juggernauts!

    Likewise, pairing MoCA Westport with The Artist’s Collective right off the bat similarly reduces the possibility of an artist’s based feature gaining the support that its importance and popularity deserve!!!

    With seeding, the great idea of a Spring tournament to call attention to Westport’s many fantastic elements might also shed light on what people most enjoy!!!

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