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To Protect And Serve

Westport has had a ton of emergencies lately.

Cars careen into each other, and into buildings and trees, with alarming frequency. During the recent fireworks display, 2 very intoxicated teenagers were taken to the hospital. Even on the water, calls come in to 9/11.

Our police, fire and EMT personnel have had a busy few weeks. Each time, they respond with compelling speed, professionalism, courtesy, grace and compassion.

Two examples are worth recounting.

A friend’s car was recently plowed into by a young driver. Despite her harrowing experience, my friend was heartened by the response of so many emergency workers.

Their quick assistance, calm manner and reassuring words helped her get through the day — and the days that followed.

(She also was amazed at how many Westporters — friends and strangers — stopped to offer everything she needed, from water and a cell phone to warm, wise words.)

On Saturday, I was at Compo Beach when a marine unit raced out to the Sound. With alarming speed, it escorted a boat into the marina.

Cops, firefighters and EMTs poured in. It was a gruesome accident, involving a propeller (and alcohol). The emergency workers took care of every detail with a reassuring combination of speed and care. They also helped the victim’s distraught friends.

And though the investigation must not have been easy, the police had that under control too.

We hear so many sirens in Westport, we’ve almost become oblivious. Sometimes our town seems like one big triage center.

It’s important to remember that behind every siren are human beings — those who are hurt, and those who help them.

Here’s a big, heart-felt thank you to the men and women who help us all day, every day.

So Sue Me

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s recent hissy fit — resolving to sue the RTM for exercising what is probably their legal right to overturn a decision — has spawned a new Westport trend.

Yesterday, “06880” learned of 3 other bizarre intra-town lawsuits.

  • Emergency Medical Services is suing the Fire Department, for responding to a choking victim before the EMS arrived.  Referring to the incident earlier this month, an EMT said, “We’re sick and tired of those firemen with their big red trucks thinking they’re like medical personnel.  They should stick to putting out fires, and we’ll save people’s lives.  Am I right?”
  • The Highway Department is suing the Board of Education, after a teenage driver crashed into a stop sign while texting.  It was Martin Luther King Day, causing a road crew to come out — at triple time — to repair the damage.  “What the hell are they teaching at Staples these days?” a Highway Department spokesman asked.  “Don’t they friggin’ know anything?”
  • First Selectman Gordon Joseloff is suing Second Selectman Shelley Kassen for dereliction of duty, and gross incompetence.  “I sent her to Starbucks for a vente skinny cinnamon mocha latte frappuccino smoothie tea, half soy, half skim, half decaf, half Half-and-Half, and she comes back with a Dunkin’ Donuts small black coffee,” the chief executive thundered.  “WTF?”