So Sue Me

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s recent hissy fit — resolving to sue the RTM for exercising what is probably their legal right to overturn a decision — has spawned a new Westport trend.

Yesterday, “06880” learned of 3 other bizarre intra-town lawsuits.

  • Emergency Medical Services is suing the Fire Department, for responding to a choking victim before the EMS arrived.  Referring to the incident earlier this month, an EMT said, “We’re sick and tired of those firemen with their big red trucks thinking they’re like medical personnel.  They should stick to putting out fires, and we’ll save people’s lives.  Am I right?”
  • The Highway Department is suing the Board of Education, after a teenage driver crashed into a stop sign while texting.  It was Martin Luther King Day, causing a road crew to come out — at triple time — to repair the damage.  “What the hell are they teaching at Staples these days?” a Highway Department spokesman asked.  “Don’t they friggin’ know anything?”
  • First Selectman Gordon Joseloff is suing Second Selectman Shelley Kassen for dereliction of duty, and gross incompetence.  “I sent her to Starbucks for a vente skinny cinnamon mocha latte frappuccino smoothie tea, half soy, half skim, half decaf, half Half-and-Half, and she comes back with a Dunkin’ Donuts small black coffee,” the chief executive thundered.  “WTF?”

6 responses to “So Sue Me

  1. Yet were are still very proud when little Johnny gets into law school. With the glut of lawyers, any contention is an opportunity for an attorney to practice his/her craft.

  2. Good one, Dan. Very funny. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for April Fool’s Day.

  3. Dan, these instances may seem extreme (and funny). but years ago a nearby homeowner whose home was non-conforming wanted to expand and renovate. Every neighbor showed up to oppose this (except the nearby realtor). The PnZ denied this proposal, supporting the neighborhood. He then sued the town’s decision for 350.00 and settled behind closed doors with no neighbors present. Sometimes suing the town is the easy way to settle privately, and much less costly. great articletta. surfs up!

  4. I sure hope this is an early April Fools Day posting

  5. Too early in the morning to pull my leg, Dan! The wonderful EMS and FD fighting? Staples getting sued? Glad you put in about Gordon J and I knew for sure it was a joke. Great blog … and it makes us think “Could it come to this in town?” I can’t believe the arrogance of the four members of the P&Z: their decision to sue sounds like an April Fool’s joke.

  6. I just realized that my neighbor and the clients for the National Hall conversion are the same, Larry Weisman. i wonder if he is behind the PnZ suit of the RTM. ? Will the town now settle this behind closed doors without public view? Is this a common practice for lawyers representing real estate clients? Tube ride me that Batman!