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Happy Days

Before J&J Car Care Service, the Getty station was a Tydol. It was mentioned last week on “06880.” Here’s a great photo (click on it to enlarge).

Dairy Queen, Westport CT 1956

What’s more remarkable about this January 1956 photo, though — posted by Nick Tiberio on Facebook — is the Dairy Queen. (Check out the cop car — with just 1 light on top — in the parking lot.)

DQ sat on the site of what later became the Crest. (It’s now the entrance to Playhouse Square.) The Crest was Westport’s 1st drive-in — as beloved by teenagers in the early ’60s as the Big Top in later years.

Today’s equivalent is — I have no clue.

A bit east of the Crest — beyond the right side of this photo — was the original Viva Zapata.

All that’s missing is the Fonz.