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Friday Flashback #18

For over 60 years the Tri-Town Teachers Federal Credit Union has served educators in Westport, Weston and Wilton, plus many other Westport town employees.

Most recently, the credit union has been housed in the historic Godillot Carriage House. It’s on Jesup Road near Imperial Avenue — catty-corner from the police station.

The credit union is proud of their home — and the entire neighborhood. So they recently commissioned a painting of it circa 1882, when it was built.

Artist Jack Conti did plenty of research, to make sure he got the details right.


Alexis Godillot was an importer of French foods. He and his wife Julia expanded and improved his property, making it a showplace of the community.

Conti’s painting shows the property looking north across Deadman’s Brook, from Imperial Avenue.

The main house (yellow) sat on a knoll. Originally built in 1804 in Victorian stick style, by 1882 it had an attached greenhouse. The building is now occupied by the Smith Richardson Foundation.

The credit union is now housed in the carriage house — the red building next to the main house. It once included a stable.

The white cottage housed servants. It too had a greenhouse. The building — once the offices of the Westport Board of Education — is now occupied by the Sherwood & Garlick law firm.

The boathouse (red structure on the brook) served as a place to store small recreational boats. It was relocated elsewhere in Westport in the 1950s.

The Jesup Road neighborhood is now on the National Register of Historic Places. It looks much the same today.


Still, the credit union — the building in the center, in the photo above — is not stuck in the past.

On its roof now are solar panels.

And gone are the stables. They’ve been replaced by free charging stations, for drivers with electric vehicles.

(Hat tip: John Coniglio)

Tri-Town Credit Union Opens Doors To (Nearly) All

It’s one of the least-known, lowest-key, most quietly effective economic engines in town.

Very efficiently, since 1955, the Tri-Town Federal Credit Union has provided teachers in Westport, Weston and Wilton with less expensive loans — and more generous interest on CDs and savings accounts — than they could get from banks.

When it began, teachers were considered poor risks for loans because of their “part-time” employment. Today there are 2,200 Tri-Town members — teachers, municipal employees and their families — with over $18 million in assets.

Tri-town credit union logoNow — after more than 60 years in town — the credit union is expanding. They invite members of outside associations and organizations to join. And they’re not just limited to Westport, Weston and Wilton.

Eligible groups include alumni associations; religious organizations; electric cooperatives; homeowner associations; labor unions; scouting groups; PTAs; Chamber of Commerce members; athletic booster clubs; fraternal organizations; community service groups; national or ethnic origin cultural groups, and professional occupational organizations. Petitioning groups must align with the credit union’s “long-term strategic interest” — a very broad category.

The Electric Car Club has already signed up. They fit the criteria for many reasons — including the credit union’s support of environmental initiatives.

A while ago,  Tri-Town installed 2 electric vehicle charging stations outside their headquarters in an old home on Jesup Green (next door to the Victorian house that once served as the superintendent of schools’ office).

EV charging stations outside Tri-Town Credit Union headquarters on Jesup Road.

EV charging stations outside Tri-Town Credit Union headquarters on Jesup Road.

The credit union also provides “green loans.” They offer 2% off their normal auto loan rates for any plug-in electric vehicle (including bikes and motorcycles), and 2% off normal personal loan rates for any home improvement project involving solar, thermal windows, insulation or energy-efficient appliances (up to $25,000).

“We’re in a historic site in Westport,” explains assistant manager John  Coniglio. “We want to help people save money, using smart conservation.”

Coniglio — a 1966 Staples High School graduate — knows his town well.

“We offer all the services of a large bank. But we pride ourselves on personal service — just like an ‘old-town’ bank.”

One with hometown roots, but not afraid to change with the times.

(For more information — including applying as an organization to the Tri-Town Federal Credit Union — email jconiglio@tritownteachers.org, or call 203-227-8511.)

Tri-Town Federal Credit Union headquarters on Jesup Road.

Tri-Town Federal Credit Union headquarters on Jesup Road.