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Downtown Caution

Rumors swirled yesterday morning on social media: An Antifa-led protest was headed to Westport.

It wasn’t.

Several dozen protesters did gather at Jesup Green. Assisted by Westport police, they marched across the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge to Norwalk, then returned. They ended up — chanting “Black lives matter!” — at the police station on Jesup Road, where Chief Foti Koskinas spoke movingly to them of his experiences as a first-generation America.

But last night — out of caution, fear or both — at least 2 downtown businesses boarded their windows.

Tiffany on the Post Road …

… and the Sunglass Hut on Main Street. (Photos/Chip Stephens)

There were no reports of any demonstrators.

And certainly no looting.

Pic Of The Day

Bedford Square (the old YMCA) reflected in Tiffany'(the old Ships, and before that Thompson’s Drug Store) (Photo/Laurie Brandow)

Gilt And Gillespie

Westport may be the only place in the world where a Tiffany store sits within sight of a homeless shelter.

Most of downtown Westport is not so extreme.  As high-end as our shops are, most are not in Tiffany’s league.  And the Gillespie Center — despite its important central location — is the only place like it around.

Still, in the holiday spirit, here’s an “06880” suggestion:  If you can afford to shop at Tiffany’s, please consider walking a few yards up the street giving something — anything — to the men at the homeless shelter.

Or any other worthy cause, of your choice.