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Main Street Holiday

Yesterday’s wild weather disrupted the plans of many Westporters.

It started the night before. On Thursday, as the rain and wind began, “06880” photographer Lynn Untermeyer Miller was downtown.

In the midst of the mess, she found color, light and beauty.

Before those memories are baked in to Christmas 2022, let’s take a look back — all the way to a few days ago.

Here’s what Lynn Untermeyer Miller saw then, as she strolled downtown:

Pic Of The Day #2071

These holiday lights are the handiwork every year of George Reichhelm on Harbor Road, across from Longshore. (Photo/Mark LaClair)

Pic Of The Day #2070

Holiday message on Saugatuck Shores (Photo/Rindy Higgins)

Lynn Miller’s Main Street

On Saturday evening, Lynn Untermeyer Miller joined hundreds of other Westporters for our 2nd annual Holiday Stroll.

But while they strolled leisurely between the dozens of stores and restaurants with special offerings — plus Santa, face painters and carolers — Lynn was hard at work.

The talented “06880” photographer has a special fondness for downtown. A Westport native (and 1971 Staples High School graduate), she remembers the days of mom-and-pop shops, and the special energy everyone felt this time of year.

It’s still there. There are many special places to feel it, all around Main Street.

Lynn captured much of the magic Saturday night. Here is some of what she saw:

Lynn was intrigued by windows … 

… and what was beyond them …

… and of course, the shoppers …

but always, it all comes down to:

(All photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)