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Discover Sherwood Island — Especially This Saturday

If you’re like (too) many Westporters, you’ve never been to Sherwood Island.*

You should visit Connecticut’s 1st state park** soon.

Like, Saturday. This Saturday (June 4, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Friends of Sherwood Island logoFriends of Sherwood Island — a group filled with Westporters*** — is sponsoring a “CT Trails Day.” There are bird, archaeology and nature walks and talks; nature/bird photo tips with Westport native AJ Hand; a BYO kayak paddle adventure off of the beach — and flight simulators in the morning, followed by a hands-on flying experience and an air show by the Fly Guys.

That group of 100+ men, women and children has flown at Sherwood Island for nearly 50 years.

But this is the park’s 1st-ever air show. It includes drones, radio-controlled helicopters, aerobatic planes and gliders.

Two of the Fly Guys, at Sherwood Island.

Two of the Fly Guys, at Sherwood Island.

The best part: It’s all free. Here’s the secret code to get in to Sherwood Island without paying: “CT Trails Day.”

For details and a full schedule, click here. Pre-registration is appreciated; email alisonrivard5@gmail.com, or call 203-955-1943.

*That 3rd grade field trip does not count.

** If you’re embarrassed to ask: It’s located at the end of the Sherwood Island connector, just past the I-95 Exit 18 on/off ramp.

*** Who DO spend a lot of time there.