Discover Sherwood Island — Especially This Saturday

If you’re like (too) many Westporters, you’ve never been to Sherwood Island.*

You should visit Connecticut’s 1st state park** soon.

Like, Saturday. This Saturday (June 4, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

Friends of Sherwood Island logoFriends of Sherwood Island — a group filled with Westporters*** — is sponsoring a “CT Trails Day.” There are bird, archaeology and nature walks and talks; nature/bird photo tips with Westport native AJ Hand; a BYO kayak paddle adventure off of the beach — and flight simulators in the morning, followed by a hands-on flying experience and an air show by the Fly Guys.

That group of 100+ men, women and children has flown at Sherwood Island for nearly 50 years.

But this is the park’s 1st-ever air show. It includes drones, radio-controlled helicopters, aerobatic planes and gliders.

Two of the Fly Guys, at Sherwood Island.

Two of the Fly Guys, at Sherwood Island.

The best part: It’s all free. Here’s the secret code to get in to Sherwood Island without paying: “CT Trails Day.”

For details and a full schedule, click here. Pre-registration is appreciated; email, or call 203-955-1943.

*That 3rd grade field trip does not count.

** If you’re embarrassed to ask: It’s located at the end of the Sherwood Island connector, just past the I-95 Exit 18 on/off ramp.

*** Who DO spend a lot of time there.



4 responses to “Discover Sherwood Island — Especially This Saturday

  1. Rindy Higgins

    a treasure that Westporters often forget

  2. As a late grammar school (Hillspoint) child through Jr, High (Long Lots) John Runyon & I would bicycle to Sherwood Island. You had to be very careful crossing the ramp intersections with I95!
    We loved watching the radio controlled planes. I built control line models with Cox engines starting in 5th grade, but I eventually built a radio controlled boat in 9th grade. Why a boat instead of a plane? The radio gear was expensive (Heathkit), and the build time significant. I figured the odds of destroying a boat & radio were significantly less than that of a plane.

  3. Growing up on Burnham Hill in the 60’s, I had a view of the Mill Pond and Sherwood Island from the end of our driveway…and we hung out at Old Mill Beach and the ‘Bridges’ every day – swimming, fishing or just hanging out. For recreation, my wife and I have taken up biking – we have two mountain bikes, mine a Nashbar w Cannondale equipment, vintage the mid-80’s, and hers a less expensive model we picked up in 2000 when we moved from Bethel back into Westport. We started biking almost daily in 2013 when I retired – and took bikes with us to Florida for the winter getaway and then summer of 2014 decided riding on Sherwood Island was WAY safer than trying to coexist with the road rage absent-minded oblivious Westport drivers. So I drove us to Sherwood Island in early June of 2014, expecting to buy a season pass for 80 something dollars – and the young woman on duty asked me how old I was – so I replied that I’d just turned 65 – and she asked for my license, then produced a Charter Oak hand pass, which I signed, and now use it any day of the year to enter Sherwood Island – or any other CT State Park – for FREE! Surprise surprise! So if other Westporters only knew how great Sherwood Island is – we bike typically an hour with ZERO traffic, wide open trails, and beautiful vistas – path along the sand dunes run about 1/2 mile east and west, then we climb one hill to the top center of the island which has a height of over 50 feet above sea level and offers terrific views of the Norwalk Islands,Manhattans tallest buildings, etc. So, to the Westporters who have no idea where Sherwood Island is, I shake my head and thank god they can’t find this best kept secret in town.

    PS – we are also members of FSI – I helped build the turtle terrarium at the Nature Center two years ago – and think this is so much nicer than Compo, especially since the State remodeled the pavilion and other facilities – which are also far superior to those at Compo.

  4. Sandra Johnson

    Have always loved Sherwood Island. During the off season, Richard and I often took our lunch there to eat and watch the scenery – very peaceful and beautiful! Spent many times there walking – always during off season – figuring since we lived in WP, we could enjoy it more when quiet! The saddest visit was the day the Towers went down. We,along with others,
    went there to watch the horrible scene going on. Yes, Sherwood Island, is one of WP’s greatest treasures – everyone should to there!! If you are a senior, get the pass that is given for entrance to all state parks in the US
    If you haven’ t been there – get over there !!