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Pic Of The Day #875

Sunny Daes (Photo/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

Pic Of The Day #734

Sunny Daes is ready for spring — no bull! (Photo/Bob Mitchell)

Photo Challenge #155

“06880” readers may not know how to spell “Sunny Daes.” *

But 34 of you — a record — knew that last week’s photo challenge can be found in a corner of that ice cream shop’s parking lot.

It’s been there a while. The photo showed part of an old Texaco sign. It belonged to King’s gas station — a fixture on Riverside Avenue for years, but now long gone. (Click here to see it.)

According to Bill Caldwell, the sign should have been “removed and destroyed as required by Texaco corporate requirements,” when the auto repair and service station left.

We’re glad it wasn’t. It’s a cool relic of a bygone era. And — judging by all the comments — plenty of people know it’s there.

Congrats to all the observant readers: Rich Stein, Seth Schachter, Linda Amos, Seth Goltzer, Ed Simek, Michael Calise, Grover Fitch, Marc Hartog, Tom Ryan, Bill Kiedaisch, Ralph Balducci, Martin Gitlin, Fred Cantor, Judith Ann Johnston, Seth Braunstein, Dana Brownell, Rosalie Kaye, Bobbie Herman, Mary Anne Liesner, Philip Delgado, Andrew Colabella, Mickey Herbst, James Weisz, Lynn Wilson, Erik Ostbye, Stephanie Ross, Rachel Halperin, Garrison Manne, Phil Rubin, Michael Traum, Robert Sohmer, Sue Kirby, Bill Caldwell and Christine Utter.

Now let’s see how you do this week:

(Photo/Peggy Lehn)

If you think you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

* “Sunny Daes” is supposedly a play on the word “Sundaes.” If you have to explain it to people, it probably doesn’t work.


Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #78

When Lynn U. Miller proposed an obscure sign about the Netherlands as a Sunday photo challenge, I hesitated.

I thought it was too hard. I worried about frustrating my readers. I myself had never noticed the image she sent.

I should have known: Nothing is too obscure for “06880” readers.

Kathie Bennewitz, John McCarthy and Anthony Cochrane all knew — very quickly — that Lynn’s photo was part of the DHL drop box on Riverside Avenue, across from Sunny Daes. (Click here for the photo, and all comments.)

I promise to have more faith next time in Lynn.

And you.

So what about this week’s challenge? Where in Westport would you find this? Click “Comments” — and add any info on Ed you’d like!

Oh My 06880 - June 26, 2016

Westport Country Playhouse Has A Cow

If you’ve seen “Into the Woods” — the current Westport Country Playhouse production — you know that Milky White is an udderly adorable cast member.

Okay, she’s a wooden cow. But she’s no different from any living, breathing actor or actress. On days off from performances, she wants to get out of the old Playhouse barn and moooove around Westport.

Playhouse associate director of marketing Beth Huisking snagged these photos of Milky White, out and about the town.

First, she spotted this truck. She’s asking, “Got milk?”

Then she wandered over to SunnyDaes. Looks like they’re just chewing the cud.

Finally — like anyone from out of town — she just had to see Stew Leonard’s. Milky White was very impressed with her first-ever chocolate milk.

“Into the  Woods” runs through May 26. Milky White still has time to visit Shake Shack.

Sunny Daes Is Here

This week, as our thoughts turn to skiing, skating and hot chocolate, Westport welcomes — an ice cream shop.

Sunny Daes introduces its 5th Connecticut location (30 Riverside Avenue — site of the former King’s service station) with a “soft opening” (ho ho).  It will show off its 68 favors of ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt, with free cones on New Year’s Eve.

I don’t want to be the skunk at the garden party, but I’ve got a few questions:

  • Will the location work? That section of Riverside Avenue — just beyond the Post Road intersection — has always been a tough business environment.  Restaurants and retailers struggle.  It’s out of sight — physically and metaphorically — for manydowntown shoppers.  Most ice cream shops rely heavily on foot traffic, which is non-existent across the river.  And despite a few parking spots in front of the store, getting into and out of the small lot is not easy.
  • Is Westport ready for another ice cream place? Carvel carved out a niche around the time the Bedfords and Coleys settled in town.  Baskin-Robbins has a prime downtown spot, though it’s suffered since the demise of the movie theaters.  Ben & Jerry’s — arguably the world’s most famous ice cream name — recently closed up shop.  Gone too are MaggieMoo’s, TCBY and — for far too long — the crème de la crème, the Ice Cream Parlor.
  • What’s with the name? Sunny Daes does not scream “ice cream”; in fact, it looks vaguely Middle Eastern.  It’s one thing if you’ve got the name recognition of Tom Carvel, but Sunny Daes does not.  They must not only introduce themselves to Westport; they have to explain what they are.

None of those problems are insurmountable.  Sunny Daes may well thrive.  It might lead to a West Bank (of the Saugatuck) renaissance.  Certainly, any new business in Westport is welcome.

Even one selling ice cream in the dead of winter.