Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #78

When Lynn U. Miller proposed an obscure sign about the Netherlands as a Sunday photo challenge, I hesitated.

I thought it was too hard. I worried about frustrating my readers. I myself had never noticed the image she sent.

I should have known: Nothing is too obscure for “06880” readers.

Kathie Bennewitz, John McCarthy and Anthony Cochrane all knew — very quickly — that Lynn’s photo was part of the DHL drop box on Riverside Avenue, across from Sunny Daes. (Click here for the photo, and all comments.)

I promise to have more faith next time in Lynn.

And you.

So what about this week’s challenge? Where in Westport would you find this? Click “Comments” — and add any info on Ed you’d like!

Oh My 06880 - June 26, 2016

15 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #78

  1. Carol MacDonald

    That is at the Ned Dimes Marina at Compo!

  2. Ned Dimes Marina. Ed was a great man. Ed would work the evening shift at the marina. If you wanted to know where the fish were Ed was the man to ask. I’m sure if Dick Alley is seeing this he can tell more Ed stories than anyone in town. I can’t believe he’s been gone for 13 years. It seems like yesterday we were talking fishing at the marina.

  3. Bill Kiedaisch

    Ned Dimes marina

  4. You are all correct. The plaque honoring Ed Stalling — indeed a great man — is at Ned Dimes Marina. Specifically, it’s at the top of the dock, leading down to the gas pump and the boats.

  5. Steve Correll

    Mr. Stalling was an awesome Scout Master for Troop 36 for years. He was a huge influence on myself, which is proven with my Eagle Scout medal, which I received in 1977. His sons, Ed, Bob, and Dave, were my fellow scouts, great outdoorsman and friends to all. Our troop camped out every month of the year, and believe me we experienced it all. Camp Mauhwehu sp? On Candlewood Lake, Jamboree’s, and all the truly useful life lessons learned, while we thought we were just having fun!
    Ed Stalling was a good man and I am proud to have been in his troop growing up. God bless.

  6. I sure do miss my best fishing buddy. I try to make a stop at the plaque every time I visit Westport to say Hi and share memories of our many great fishing days – Dick Alley

  7. Plaque honoring Ed that is located at Compo Yacht Basin. Oops, I mean Ned Dimes Marina.

    Tom Wall

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  8. Bob Stalling

    Nice to see this posted. He was a great father and part of “the greatest generation”…a lot of stories behind that plaque.
    I miss him everyday..

  9. Bob knew Ed very well. They used to fish together. This plaque is prominately placed on the main dock at Compo Beach.

  10. Edward C. Stalling, Jr

    I think I’m exempt from guessing as I have insider information! A great father, what a surprise and delight to see this on 06880. Especially enjoy reading all your comments. I was dry-fly fishing all day recently and carrying dad’s fly box with me, and could really sense his presence with me. He loved Long Island Sound, the off-shore islands, and loved his job at the Marina.

  11. Dave Stalling

    Thanks, Dan, and to all who posted such nice stories and comments about my Dad. He was a great man and a wonderful, loving and supportive father who had a positive influence on a lot of people. I miss him. He loved fishing for striped-bass in Long Island Sound, which (at his request) is where we spread his ashes during a storm so severe that I joked with my brothers about what the next day’s headlines would read: “Three brothers drown while with their dad, who was already dead.”

    My father often took me striper fishing often. From the start, he taught me conservation basics: To keep only what I would eat, to fish fairly and honestly with respect for the quarry. Later, he also spoke of the importance of clean water and healthy watersheds. He volunteered for various organizations to help protect and restore the fish he so passionately pursued. He also took me camping, backpacking, trout fishing, taught me to identify trees and other plants, got me involved in Boy Scouts and shared with me all of his enthusiasm, knowledge, love and respect for the natural world. He not only inspired me to cherish all things wild and free, but encouraged me to speak up for and defend the things I love.

    In other words: He greatly influenced and shaped not only who I am, but my core values, beliefs and what I do for a living. He was a wonderful and amazing man.

  12. Carl Volckmann

    On the railing at the entrance to the docks at the Ned Dimes marina at Compo Beach.

  13. Susan Stalling Hamilton

    Dan – thanks for including this in your photo challenge! My dad was an amazing man, and an incredible father. He touched so many lives, and is greatly missed. As my brother Ed mentioned – my dad truly loved Long Island Sound, and his job at the marina!

  14. Jane Lincoln Taylor

    I didn’t know the location of the tribute plaque, but I was privileged to know the man when I was growing up. A man of great integrity and humor, who loved his family and who spread kindness and commonsense wisdom far and wide. He and his wife Barbara were the salt of the earth, and I was truly honored and lucky to know them and their wonderful children.

  15. Dave Lowrie

    Mr. Stalling was impactful in the lives of my parents, my sister and me when we moved across the street in 1966. They grew to embrace us “city folk” as extended members of their family, and I have dozens and dozens of positive memories of everyone, but especially Ed Sr’s kind and confident ways. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever saw him not smiling. Their family pride was a direct result of Ed’s benevolence and I thank all of them ~ Ed Sr., Barbara, Ed Jr., Sue, Bob, Dave and yes even you Tim (ha ha) ~ for making a lasting impression of how great neighborhood life in Westport was in those halcyon days.